The drama continues: QB, D.T. McDowell

When last we talked to Nebraska's highest-ranked commit, there was a bit of uncertainty in the air. A little unhappiness over reportedly not being completely informed by the NU coaches, all that adding up to just a little trickle of doubt. So, how is that looking now for the Georgia standout? We caught up with him to find out.

D.T. McDowell - QB - 6-0, 194, 4.6/40 - Tucker, GA. (Tucker)

Ever since the loss to Marist, Tucker high school has managed to rebound quite nicely, sporting a conference record of 5-1, 6-1 overall. The last victory though didn't come without a price as in their narrow overtime win against South Forsyth, the Tigers lost their leading rusher, Thomas Brown for the season. "He's got a broken femur." D.T. said. "We have some guys that are good behind him though, so we should be ok."

No doubt on that one as Tucker has it's usual plethora of size, talent and speed on either side of the ball, but the presence of future Husker, D.T. McDowell certainly doesn't hurt.

Ok, his ability isn't questioned, but that whole "future Husker" thing did come into doubt the last time we talked to D.T.

If you recall (or if you don't), the last time we talked to D.T., he was a little irked over what he said was the coaching staff of Nebraska not volunteering some information that he found out about by watching the TV.

It was about Joe Dailey, but not his existence, rather his grade, McDowell stating that the coaches at NU never told him that Dailey was a true freshman.

Because of that, McDowell said that the situation "might" change things, but at that point, he still wasn't sure and he was still planning on visiting NU for the last home game of the year against Kansas State.

So, how are things now? "They haven't called me." D.T. said. "I haven't heard from them at all, so I don't know what's going on. I don't know if they have lost interest or what, but I haven't heard from them."

There are a variety of scenarios that you could draw from this current situation. I'll leave it up to you to decide which you want to believe, but I think it's becoming even safer to say that McDowell's status of an unsure NU commit is leaning even more on the brink of becoming a DE-commit.

That hasn't happened though and it's only conjecture on my part as to whether it will or won't, but rest assure that we will keep track of Tucker and D.T. until this recruiting drama finds it's conclusion.

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