Nyere Aumaitre - Did he commit?

Nyere Aumaitre stands as one of the best players coming out of the state of New Jersey this year. Considering some of the names along side him, that's an impressive statement. Considering all that, schools from far and wide have been offering him, calling him and inviting to officially visit their campus. Nyere took one of those schools up on their offer for a visit this last weekend and check out how impressed he was.

It wasn't the visit he thought he would take last time I talked to him, but perhaps his team getting knocked out of a realistic chance to vie for a shot at the playoffs helped the decision to move up his visit to Nebraska, once intended for the Kansas State game, the Cyclone contest getting the nod.

It was worth the early visit.

"It was a 10." Nyere said of his visit to Lincoln. "Everything was great, but I realized one thing and that Nebraska doesn't have an NFL team, so the whole state follows the football team. There's like a million people in the whole state and eighty-thousand of them are in the stadium."

"They just have great fan support. Out the gate, going out the doors, they are signing autographs and it wasn't just the guys that make the plays, it was everyone. They wanted autographs from everyone."

"It hit all my expectations."

Within the tone of his voice, there was near elation from what I gathered. Enough to prompt the obvious question, to which Nyere replied thus; "No, I didn't commit." he said. "And, the reason is, the visit was great, but I have nothing to compare it to and I want to take my visit to Iowa, because they are like Nebraska. They don't have an NFL team either."

"I want to see if their fan support is like it was at Nebraska and see if I get along with their coaches like I did with the Nebraska coaches."

Aumaitre's visit consisted of many things as you would expect from any official to Lincoln. Some call it the "Dog and Pony" show, but for each recruit, that kind of personal attention not just from the one recruiting him, but from every coach on the staff, well Aumaitre said that the coaches treated him like they knew him already. "It seemed like every coach knew something about me." Nyere said. "And, it wasn't like they knew what another coach told him, but they talked to me like they actually knew me. It wasn't like reading from a script. They all seen my film. They all evaluated me and they all said ‘you are a great player and we think you could help our program'."

"By talking to them, you could tell that it wasn't just what another coach was telling them to say."

Nyere was continually surprised not by the attention, but by the attention from every coach on the staff. His expectations weren't of that many, but as he stated, not even Frank Solich was inaccessible at any point of the trip. "I even sat down with the head coach twice during the visit."

What Nyere felt in his visit is what most recruits feel during visits they like. They are impressed, taken a back somewhat and basically enthralled with the atmosphere each school exudes. With the "Sea of Red", Nebraska's atmosphere was particularly intoxicating, if you will. You might not ask then if he committed, rather how in the world did he keep from committing while in Lincoln.

That's easy.........his mother.

Nyere calls her the "counselor", yes, because she actually is one, but also due to the fact that she offers that objective opinion when emotion takes hold and she scrutinizes the school up and down, inside and out, evaluating the pros and cons. So, was there anything she thought wasn't "up to scale" during her visit with Nyere? "No, actually." Aumaitre stated. "There wasn't anything that she didn't like."

Nyere will have that anchor of reality in his mom with him on his trip to Iowa, scheduled for December 12th. And Nyere stated that it's really between those two. After that, then he'll make a decision.

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