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Nebraska 24 - Kansas 3

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It wasn't pretty....as expected. The offense was inconsistent........as expected. In fact, little of this game didn't happen about as figured, Nebraska hitting a few here and there, the defense leading the way. Bolstered by four turnovers on the part of the Jayhawks, two of them occurring at the one yard line for Nebraska, the Huskers won a road game, taking down Kansas, 24-3.

It was going to be the job of the Kansas offense to try and find a way around NU's defense if Kansas had any hopes of winning. Sure, you could depend on NU's offense to do at least some things to halt it's own offensive effectiveness, but if freshman, Adam Barmann couldn't get something done, it was going to be a long day for the Hawks.

And it was, but more due to the fact that Kansas made some major mistakes at some very inopportune times, the two aforementioned turnovers, not to mention personal fouls, three of which happened on one drive, giving Nebraska almost a walkthrough scoring opportunity.

What's deceiving about this game is again, what you have come to expect. Jammal Lord's passing percentage was good on the day, tossing 12 and completing of that, 7. No scores and an interception, but some of the completions were literally jump balls, both the receiver and the defender having ample opportunity for the ball, Fluellen's catch towards the end of the game a solid example of why he's going to be a solid player for NU in the future.

On the ground, NU was expected to be able to put up some yards on the lackluster KU defensive line, which they did to the tune of 290 yards on a total of 53 carries. Passing-wise, NU put up triple-digits as well, getting 110 yards through the four quarters.

There really aren't too many sub-plots to this game though, well, at least none you aren't used to hearing, except for one, that being RB, Cory Ross. Getting almost a full half of play, Ross broke out with a solid game, running the ball 19 times for 108 yards. During the game against KU, Ross showed that kind of elusiveness he has been known so well for, but complimented that with some quality, north-south running that was key for NU's offense in the second half of the game.

Demorrio Tackles led the team with 12 tackles, 4 for loss, a couple that were outstanding illustration's of Williams' speed and ability to get defenders from behind, twice Williams taking down the tackler from behind using one arm, hand tucked into the back of their shoulder-pads.

And, what would a Nebraska defensive performance be without Josh Bullocks intercepting another ball, his 9th on the year and yes, he's still leading the country. Not to be totally outdone though, his brother (Daniel) added one of his own, a crucial drive-stopper at the 1-yard line for NU. Jerrell Pippens added the 3rd, which was actually the first pick on the game for the Huskers.

All in all, KU managed just under 300 yards in total offense, but the turnovers and penalties told the story for the Hawks down in a familiar mini-sea of red down in Lawrence.

What NU can take from the win was just that, it was a win and as I said in the preview, ugly, pretty or whatever, if it was a win, that would be good enough. It was on the road, so that's saying something for a Solich-coached team, even though that KU wasn't ranked.

Next up, it's Kansas State, a home game, a game that will go a long ways into determining who goes to Kansas City for the privilege of getting killed by OU. Right now, Nebraska and KSU are tied for the lead in the north, so whoever wins is in the drivers' seat for the road to Missouri.

And on that note, I bid you adieu with only one final parting though.

Next time Frank Solich actually goes out of his way to say Joe Dailey is going to get much more time, he ought to say, "read my lips" beforehand.

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