Official Visit Update - Cortney Grixby

We caught up with Nebraska's highest rated prospect as he just got back from his official visit to Lincoln. Check out the story for his reactions to the experience.

What's a Nebraska kid expected to see on a visit to Nebraska that would be all that surprising? Well, the worst home loss in about 50 years might be a little bit of a shock, but that really didn't do much to one of the top cornerbacks in the country, Cortney Grixby. "It was a great game until after the first half." Cortney said. "An interception that wasn't, there was a fumble that wasn't called, just things here and there could have changed that game."

It didn't however, but at least for Grixby, it didn't change how he felt about NU as well. "They are very high on my list." he said. "Very, very high actually."

Three visits left, Cortney will be visiting Notre Dame, UCLA and Kansas State. When I asked Cortney about his demenor throughout the game considering the schools he was looking at, was he rooting for NU like he always has? "Oh yeah." he said. "I'm born and raised a Nebraska Cornhusker fan. I will always be that."

Cortney wouldn't say as to any leaders he had, but all the aforementioned schools appear to be squarely in the hunt for this standout DB.

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