The Next Husker Commit?

Today could be the day Nebraska gets another commit. Why, who and when? Check out the full story to find out about the next possible future Husker.

Brian Wilson - DL - 6-2, 265, 4.8 - Lancaster, CA. (Paraclete)

A bit of an unknown, Wilson still isn't going unsung. Considered to have extremely good speed for his size, Wilson finds himself recruited anywhere from DT to DE. His recent trip to Nebraska has found him at least from NU's needs, considered to be a defensive tackle in the making. "They want me on the inside." Brian said. "They figured around 20 more pounds is what I need to play the position."

Asked about how much weight he thought he could carry comfortably, Wilson didn't see a problem at all bulking up even more his not overly tall frame. "I can put that weight on easily." Wilson stated. "The coaches have said I have the speed to put on that weight and it shouldn't hurt me that much if at all."

Wilson said of his official visit to Nebraska, that not even his experiences in watching games at the Rose Bowl quite amounted to what he saw inside the walls of Memorial. "I've never seen anything like it." he said. "I have seen some pretty good atmospheres with USC and all that, but they don't compare to this. That was pretty incredible."

Brian also said that after he visited Nebraska, at least one school already responded with interest. "San Diego State found out about Nebraska recruiting me, so now they are to." he said.

What Wilson might have expected, but didn't get on his visit to Nebraska was an official offer, but from what the coaches told him, he's expecting one, maybe as early as today. "Coach Sanders said he didn't want to make any promises, but thought it looked real good for an offer. He said they were calling in the morning to tell me one way or the other."

Ok, so what if NU does indeed offer Wilson? Will he be a future Husker? "Yeah, probably." he said. "There's no doubt that they are my leader, but I probably wouldn't wait. We'll see though in the morning."

So, today could be the day Nebraska gets their next commit and we'll find out tonight at the latest if that offer did indeed come. If it did, you can probably jot Brian down as the next future Husker.

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