Taitusi Lutui - weighs in on NU situation

Due to the recent events in Lincoln and the speculation about so many things, mostly having to do with coach, Frank Solich, we've been catching up with recruits to see what they think about it and whether it changes how they think about NU or what would they think if some changes did actually occur. Check out what Taitusi Lutui had to say.

Taitusi Lutui - OL - 6-5, 350, 5.10/40 - Ephraim, UT (Snow CC)

It hasn't been but a brief time since we talked to Taitusi Lutui but a lot has happened since then, at least with one of the schools he is looking at. The University of Nebraska hasn't undergone any changes, but according to a local newspaper, they are about to, whether head coach, Frank Solich likes it or not.

With the recent story, recruits around the country have been hearing about it and wondering just what's going on and more importantly, what is really going to happen if anything.

Lutui is no different and though he is being recruited not by the head coach, rather one of the asst. coaches (Ron Brown), he's still of the feeling that if he's looking at a school and talking to people, it's under one particular guy.

"I've gotten to know coach Brown." Lutui stated. "But, I know coach Solich to. I'm looking at them as they are right now, not as something different."

"I've gotten to know who is there right now and don't really want to get to know someone new. It's not who I have been dealing with and there won't be the kind of trust there is with the coaches that are there now."

Like most, Lutui is waiting for something to become certain about any pending changes in the coaching staff at Nebraska before he decides whether he's moving on or not, but it's safe to say that if there is changes at any level of the staff, Nebraska could be on the outside looking in for this Utah giant.

Lutui has already visited Nebraska and will visit Southern Cal on the 12th. Nebraska is still currently Taitusi's favorite team. They fit his style, he likes the program and has gotten along well with all the coaches. It seems safe to say though that if any coaching changes do occur at NU, the Huskers will have lost out on one of the better JUCO linemen in the country.

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