Ready for his visit on the 12th

Unfortunately, the season is over. Now, the fun begins. Well, fun is a matter of perspective as to some, these up-coming officials are considered business trips. It's the business of figuring out just where you are going to go and spend the next four or five years of your life. That's what Rodney Gallon is preparing to do.

Rodney Gallon - LB - 6-0, 205, 4.5/40 - Tallahassee, FL. (Lincoln)

Right about now Rodney's Lincoln Trojans should be getting ready for the state title game. Pre-season ranked by USA Today as one of the top ten prep teams in the entire country, the team was poised to do just that. Turnovers though hampered Lincoln High most of the season, thus the three almost shocking losses and yes, the premature ending to a season that the seniors were hoping would be their best. "It's about the mistakes you make, but you win as a team and lose as a team, so that's how it goes." Rodney said. "I wanted to go out my last year 15-0, but it wasn't meant to be. Things happen for a reason and this just wasn't meant to happen for us."

What will be happening for Rodney now are his official visits now that the season is over. One particular visit will be to a place that at the present is undergoing a little misfortune of their own.

Nebraska has just lost their head coach or rather, he was removed and Rodney acknowledged the event for what it is, but said that overall, it wasn't going to sway him one way or another as far as the Huskers were concerned. "It's sad that stuff has to happen." Rodney said. "It doesn't really effect me though."

This of course because Rodney is being recruited by Defensive Coordinator and now, interim Head Coach, Bo Pelini, so much hasn't changed for Gallon as much as everything appears to. "Nebraska is still one of my top five teams, I'm still going to go there the 12th with my teammates and once I am there, we'll figure out what's going on and get the answers personally."

Rodney's teammates are the other three of this fearsome foursome, that being offensive lineman, Danny Muy, offensive lineman, Calvin Darity and defensive back, Joe Manning, all having been offered by the Huskers.

The other schools that he will be visiting are Florida, Tennessee, Auburn and Florida State and you might think that the ‘Noles hold a major edge with anyone that lives almost next door, but Rodney said that, that simply isn't the case. "I know everyone thinks that, but I really do have an open mind about every team right now." he said. "I will take all my visits and then evaluate how things go, because I want to know that I am making the right choice and not the easy one."

His visits for the other schools haven't been scheduled, but will be soon enough and Rodney's decision probably won't come until close to signing day.

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