"I'd be a Husker tomorrow if they offered."

Running backs and Nebraska just seem to go hand in hand. Rushing titles galore and even a Heisman here and there, those toting the ball for the Huskers usually get recognized from afar. That's not lost on one back, but what he likes about NU is the fact that while everyone else seems to be looking to go deep every other down, the Huskers still love to just slam it down your throat. That's why he could be a Husker just waiting to happen.

Andre Hall - RB - 5-9, 200, 4.4/40 - Garden City CC (Garden City, KS)

As a standout prep in Florida, he put up almost 2,000 yards and scored apprx. 25 times. As an I-back at Georgia Military Junior College, Andre Hall put up over 1,000 yards on the ground. And now at Garden City Community College, Hall has amassed over 1,350 yards on the season, averaging almost 6 yards per carry.

Success seems to follow Hall no matter where he goes.

While there's little doubt about his ability to tote the ball, you might be surprised at just how sturdy a back that isn't even 6 foot can be. For Garden City, Hall carried the ball over 30 times in 3 different games, 39 in two of those. And in all three of those games, Hall was never under 200 yards rushing, 270 being his tops on the year.

If the stats don't tell you, Hall certainly will, there's not much this young man can't do. "A lot of people think by my size that I am just some shifty type of back, but that's just one aspect of my game." Andre said. "I can go outside fine, but I've got more than enough to get in there between the tackles and push for some yards if I have to."

"I'm not one-dimensional at anything, because I don't think there's anything I can't do out there."

Since Hall stepped out of high school and is now finished with his second year of junior college, that has given plenty of schools a chance to get a real good look at this St. Petersburg native. Time enough to even pull offers, which no school has done to this point.

Alabama, Kansas, South Florida and Memphis, Hall reporting that each has offers waiting for him if he wants. Hall said all those schools are great, but there is one school that if they offered would be a certified, bonafide lock for this Garden City star. "If Nebraska were to offer me, I would sign tomorrow or commit or whatever." Andre said. "That's where I want to go."

"They run the ball right at you and don't mess around and if they have a back that can carry the load, he'll get his chance to see what he has."

Chances are what Andre is used to, averaging well over 25 carries a game this last year. It's chances that he says a back makes for himself and shouldn't depend on the coaches to just give to him. "If you want to the ball, you have to show you can do something with it when you got it." Andre said. "Nobody is going to give you anything out there, so you do what you can with the opportunities you have."

"That's football and if a back wants over 20 carries a game, he has to earn them, because if he can't get it done, they'll find someone that can."

And as Andre said, that someone is him, but he knows where he wants to be just that. "I'd be a Husker tomorrow if they offered. That's where I want to go."

Andre doesn't have an official set up for Nebraska as of yet, but stated that he's been trying to contact the coaches at NU to see if he can do just that.

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