Five visits are waiting

About this time of the year, recruits have made a few visits, narrowed down their list and more than a few have already decided on where they are going to go. Well, there are the lucky few however that while high school basketball seasons are already underway, they are still playing the great game of football. Still playing right now means you are going for a title and that's just what Safety/Running back, Stephen Green is doing.

Yeah, that's right, Stephen Green is still playing, but there's only one game to go, the state title game that is. Playing for a team that Stephen describes as "hated", Pulaski Academy's private school status makes them targets for everyone. "Everyone talks about us, they don't like us and everyone says all they want is for us to get beat."

In order for Pulaski to not get the title, there's one more team that has a shot at doing just that, but you can imagine that Stephen isn't deterred one bit. "Before the season, we layed down on the field and imagined that we were on that field, hoisting the trophy for the state title." Green stated. "We're headed there now so we don't want to come back without it."

As for visits, Stephen still hasn't scheduled any, but you can probably understand why. As to where he's going to visit, that's pretty much already a done deal. It will be Nebraska, Kansas State, Iowa, North Carolina and Missouri.

Steve Ryan can be reached at or 402-730-5619

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