Standout RB narrows his list

There could be good and bad that can come from a coaching change. Of course, that's when the change is done and everyone can look to the future as what they should or shouldn't expect. Nebraska hasn't hit that point yet, still trying to decide on who the permanent head coach will be. That situation has effected some, but how does standout running back, Andre Brown feel about the "limbo" in Lincoln right now?

When you look at Andre Brown's list of favorites, depending on when you asked, that list will be different. A couple of weeks ago to today, it's changed, but mostly by just one team. On his list currently are Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Virginia.

What? No Nebraska?

No, Nebraska and you can probably guess as to why. "The coaching situation there." Brown said of why he dropped NU from his list. "You don't know what's going on there and the coaches haven't called me to let me know, so I had to move on."

Brown will probably end up being North Carolina's player of the year. This based on his absolutely gaudy 3,000+ yards on the season and over 30 touchdowns scored. Top that off with a state title, Andre's resume' is impressive to say the least.

That resume won't find it's way in Lincoln though, Brown saying that the Huskers are now gone, Virginia is still his leader and he's ready to take his official visits sometime soon. "I can't wait to take the rest of my visits." Brown stated. "It should be a lot of fun and I'll get to see everything about all the schools I am looking at right now."

Just not Nebraska.

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