Knows who he wants to be HC at NU

As the top prospect in the Cornhusker state, Husker fans are hoping that Cortney Grixby will one day be dawning the scarlet and cream. What stands in the way of that are obviously other schools vying for him as well, but the current state of uncertainty in Lincoln as to who will be coaching and what coaches will stay following the naming of a coach, well, even the die-hard-born-and-bred Husker fans like Cortney want some answers, the sooner the better.

UCLA has offered him. Notre Dame has offered him. Iowa has offered him. Etc., etc., so on and so forth. The popularity of defensive back, Cortney Grixby has done nothing but grow during his final year.

Even a lackluster performance by his team couldn't diminish the individual efforts of the standout DB.

So, with his season over, he's been looking every direction as to where he could go, has the opportunities to go and what's important in his criteria as he compares each of his favorites to the other.

The one team that most think should be the odds-on favorite does have one obvious distinction right now and that's the fact that NU doesn't have a head coach, not a permanent one anyway.

Bo Pelini acting as interim head coach, it's not the kind of solidity Cortney likes to see, but he doesn't mind the idea of NU's current head coach becoming the permanent head coach for NU. "I think he would be great for Nebraska." Cortney said. "You see what he did with that defense and that was just in his first year. I think he could do some good things at Nebraska."

Cortney's affections don't end there, Grixby already very fond of the coach that would be his position leader, Marvin Sanders.

Though you can't expect anyone to be able to give you definite answers about NU when NU itself is in the midst of a very indefinite time, I posed the hypothetical question that if Bo Pelini were to be named officially ‘the man', how would that effect Grixby in how he ultimately sees the Huskers fitting him. "That's actually what I am hoping for." Cortney said of Bo Pelini getting the job. "He's aggressive and all about business so I am really hoping he gets the job."

As I was talking to Cortney, he was waiting for an in-house visit from Kansas State and will be making his own on-campus visits probably late December, early January. Grixby has already made two visits, those being to Nebraska and Iowa.

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