Standout DT, Marlon Favorite - narrows list by 2

Marlon Favorite stands as one of the better defensive tackle prospects around. Size, speed and strength to offer college coaches a wonderful platform to build on, Favorite adds his own impressive instinctiveness and aggressiveness to play the game. It's a package that most are looking at, but as for where Marlon is looking, his list just got shorter by two.

"I've dropped Nebraska and Colorado." defensive tackle, Marlon Favorite said. "I've narrowed my list right now to Miami, Tulane, LSU and USC."

The prompting of dropping the two Big XII schools was a matter of fit and the other, a matter of instability. The coaching situation still not resolved at the University of Nebraska, Marlon has seen that situation become one he's not comfortable with right now. "There's just a lot better situations out there than that." Favorite stated. "It's nothing against them, but you don't know what's going on there one day to the next."

"I talked to coach Albin and he understood where I was coming from."

Favorite said of the Huskers that if they name a head coach soon, he could have a sit down with his coaches to discuss possibly including them back amongst his favorites, but didn't see that likely at this point in time."

Favorite stated that he will take the rest of his visits in January.

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