"Excited" about up-coming trip to Nebraska

There's a lot about this up-coming official to Lincoln Danny Muy is anticipating. Actually, you might say excited for as he is heading on a trip to a place he's been wanting to see for a long time. This weekend will be his chance and he's ready for all the things he's never seen, one thing that might surprise you.

Offensive lineman, Danny Muy is eager to get to Lincoln. It's a place he's been eyeing for a long time and now, the time is finally upon him where he will be able to see it up close and in person. "I can't wait." Danny said. "I am really excited to finally get up there. Ever since this Summer when I got my offer, I have been trying to get up there so bad."

Danny is excited to see something else he hasn't seen and it has nothing to do with the Huskers. "I've never seen snow before." Muy stated. "I've never seen it before, so I am kind of excited to get up there and see what it's like."

You would probably have to catalogue the things Danny will see that he hasn't before, but one of the things that might fall under the heading, "uncertain" is the situation of NU not having a permanent coach thus far.

Bo Pelin, who is the interim coach is also the favored candidate to stay there, replacing the recently relieved of duty, Frank Solich.

That would be just fine with Danny.

"I am really hoping it's him." he said. "I've gotten to know coach Pelini and he's a great guy, so I wouldn't mind it at all if he was the head coach."

Though for most of the year, it's seemed like Danny was heavily favoring NU, the question about how Danny would feel about Nebraska if Pelini was indeed the man after the choice was made. "That's just going to be that much better." Danny said. "If he's the coach, that's just a huge bonus for Nebraska."

"It would make everything that much better for them. That would be great."

Seeing as how Danny will not be alone on his trip, four other teammates traveling up to Lincoln along side the standout lineman, Danny talked about how he and his teammates threw around just the idea of playing together once more, but this time at a big-time school. "We talk about it all the time." he said. "A lot of people have been telling me how we might have this big Lincoln to Lincoln connection and it's something we talk about alot."

The positive ramifications behind getting not one, but more than one player from Lincoln high school in Tallahassee, Florida, well, you can't understate it's importance. Forget the fact that you are getting some of the coveted kids out of the Sunshine state, you are pretty much taking them from underneath the nose of the Florida State Seminoles.

That factor alone could go along ways into finally determining who the next head coach for Nebraska will be, a recruiting force a certain criteria.

Joining Danny on his trip will be LB, Rodney Gallon, CB, Joe Manning, OL, Calvin Darity and DE, Matt Owens.

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