Lincoln 2 Lincoln - Part 2 - Rodney Gallon

The coaching changes or changes yet to be made have soured some of the Huskers due to any uncertainty being just too much uncertainty for them. There are some however that are looking at this as an opportunity and a good one at that. Especially since the person expected to get the job (Bo Pelini) is the person that's been recruiting them the entire season and beyond. That's the hope of LB, Rodney Gallon.

Some recruits are a little nervous and even some commits are looking with a curious eye or two. Heck, some have all but dropped Nebraska from their list because they want what they deem to be more stable ground.

Not one or I should say, five as the kids from Lincoln high school in Tallahassee, Florida aren't worried at all, because Bo Pelini, the coach that has been recruiting them is the odds-on favorite to get the job in the end.

That would suit LB, Rodney Gallon just fine.

"We talk on the phone and have great conversations." Rodney said of his relationship with Bo Pelini. "We just hit it off from the start and we don't talk like coach to recruit, just person to person and I have always liked that."

Another thing Rodney likes is the lack of sales pitch from Pelini. As you might guess considering just how touted Rodney is, he's had his share of people telling him how great he was and how he was God's gift to this or that. Rodney likes people to keep things a little more real than that. "Some coaches out there sound like a broken record." Rodney said. "They talk to me about how I am so special to them, but some are straight forward and tell it like it is."

"By now, I can tell who's a 'gimmee" and who's not."

Rodney stands as one of Nebraska's best LB prospects and there's little doubt that for him and the entire group coming up from Lincoln, the red carpet will be rolled out and ready.

Rodney is also looking at Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Tennessee and Miami.

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