RE, Brandon Lang - visits set, faves set

The road to the dome. For Georgia high school football players, that's the only road that matters year to year. To get there or back there, such as the case may be, it's the only target that matters, because it means that you are on your way. Tucker high school is in the dome and on it's way, with just a couple steps to go. A couple steps to get back and possibly a step closer to payback time as well. Brandon Lang sure hopes so.

When you play for Tucker high school, standing out might be almost impossible. Year to year, they are strewn with one ‘star' after another. This year, just to name a few it was Thomas Brown at running back, D.T. McDowell at QB and of course at DE, Brandon Lang.

Wouldn't you know it, Tucker is so deep, not even the loss of their starting running back, Brown could halt their drive to the dome, Brandon Young filling in and as Lang stated, quite nicely. "He's like the same time runner as Thomas is." Brandon said. "He's hard-nosed though. He's like Thomas, but just really hard-nosed running the ball."

While one Brandon may have been playing catch-up on the year, the Brandon we talked to was trying to match-up with what he did last year, posting a whopping 16 sacks as a junior. Lang's lanky but physical style of play has allowed him to one of the premier pass-rushers in the region, so he was expecting to make at least as much an impact this season as he tried to go out with a bang.

You had to know though, teams would be doing what they could to make sure Lang wasn't the impact player he was the season prior. "Nine times out of ten, they are double-teaming me and running away to the opposite side." Lang stated. "Sometimes more than that, but I've been seeing a lot more attention this year in trying to stop me than last year."

While teams have been doing whatever they can to stop Lang, it's only worked just so well. Brandon still managed 8 sacks on the year while tallying almost 60 tackles and doing it just about anyway you can, which is something his physical ability allows quite nicely. "I use a lot of technique usually." Brandon said. "I try to get them off the snap, but if I cant, I can use the ‘swim', spin around them or whatever I need to do to get back there."

Back there, back to the dome, it seems like an entire season of ‘backs'. And yes, there's another, but it's ‘pay' back that is on the mind of Lang and his teammates. Not to overlook their up-coming game against Statesboro, Brandon knows that if his team does make it to the final game, they have a definite desire of who they would like to face. "If we make it to the final, we all want to face Marist." Brandon said. "They beat us during the season, so we want to have a chance to get even and get the title at the same time."

To the recruiting side of things, Brandon said that he's got things pretty much settled as far as his visits are concerned. With visits slated for Florida (1-09), Arkansas (1-16), Nebraska (1-23) and Georgia (1-30), Lang is just waiting to take them all and figure out what he's going to do. As far as favorites, Brandon said that he's looking at everyone right now and doesn't want to put anyone above the other because as he stated, "things change pretty quickly".

Teammate, D.T. McDowell is currently a commit to Nebraska, but Lang said that his decision will be his and not because anyone else happens to be going to a school he's interested in as well.

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