Where does Nebraska sit right now?

The coaching situation at Nebraska has been a drama of sorts. A soap opera as well, depending on how you want to look at it. What kind of damage would not having a coach named as of yet do in regards to recruits around the country still looking at Nebraska with curiosity? The damage was well-documented about All-Everything, SirDarean Adams, but that's been awhile, so we caught up with him to see if anything had changed.

Right about now, for most standout recruits around the country, the recruiting process is heating up or with some, winding it's way down. Out of the 5 official visits allowed, most are into their third and possibly even fourth trip to a campus somewhere in the country, figuring out which place is right for them.

SirDarean Adams is not quite that far, just two official visits taken, those being to Nebraska and to Michigan State.

Though SirDarean has some of the elite still left on his list, a few of those probable as getting visits, most in Husker country want to know how this young man feels right now as before the firing of coach, Frank Solich, Adams admitted that Nebraska was his leader. Afterwards, it was a different story. "I still don't think it was right firing a guy with a record like that." Adams said. "That's football though and you move on."

That's what Husker fans are afraid of, that Adams has moved on, moved on and left Nebraska permanently in the dust. Adams said that, that wasn't the case at all. "I still like Nebraska." he said. "They still don't have a head coach though and stability is a big thing, so I'm looking at them, but I'm waiting to see who the head coach is going to be."

As Adams has a very good friend in Fabian Washington a member of the Cornhusker team, he's probably privy to information a little faster than most of the mainstream fan-base.

SirDarean relayed to me that the belief amongst most of the team was that the interim coach, Bo Pelini was the man that would probably get the job. And, for most of those same team members, the belief was accompanied with equal hope for that very same thing. "I know he wouldn't mind if it was Bo." SirDarean said of Fabian. "He's an honest, straight-forward guy, plus he's proven what he can do."

"I don't know what I feel about any of that though, because until it happens, it's hard to think one way or the other."

What it does do for SirDarean is free him up to think a little differently about other schools now that Nebraska isn't his leader and other than Michigan State, Adams has his eyes focused on three more that will get the remainder of his official trips. Ohio State the first weekend of January, Miami the third weekend of January and for the last trip of the recruiting year, Georgia gets the nod there.

As for where Nebraska sits, Husker fans can probably feel fortunate that the Huskers are still on his list much less still his leader, but it's safe to say that Nebraska went from being above the rest, to right in the midst of the pack.

"They are somewhere in the middle." Adams stated of where Nebraska sits on his current list of favorites. "That's about all I know right now."

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