The impossible official visit - LB, Daniel Davis

You remember the movie, "Johnny Be Good"? A standout QB recruit goes on an official visit and oh, how the red carpet was rolled out. Stadium speakers yelling out his name, the band playing just for him, you would have to think that teams don't actually do that. Not in the "real" world. Well, think again, but Daniel Davis said that was just what happened to him.....and more.

The years of calling kids, I have heard of some pretty nice official visits. You know. Official visits, where they roll out the red carpet, maybe put your name on a jersey, hang it in a locker or some have even said how they heard their name over the loud speaker, them being introduced as if they were starting for that team at that moment in time. Bands playing, crowd cheering and there they go out of a tunnel, gate or whatever to the sound of the fight song blaring, all standing as the on-rushing players ignite the crowd ever more.

Yeah, I know, most of that doesn't really happen. Does it?

At Rutgers, it did and Daniel Davis couldn't believe his eyes.

"Friday night, they (the school) treated us like it was a real game." Daniel said. "The police escorted the bus from the hotel to the center and we did the "scarlet walk" (the equivalent of the tunnel walk for Nebraska fans out there). The band was out there, we got dressed in uniforms and the announcer called out all our names as if we were playing in a game."

Rutgers wasn't done.

"Last night (Saturday), we were in the ESPN Zone in Time's Square. When we first got there (on campus on Friday), they interviewed each of us (there were 18 total visitors) and at the Zone, they showed us a film that had all of our highlights with someone talking and each of our interviews, all cut up and put together. It was real, real cool."

Yeah, I guess. Sheesh. Some would say that if you are a Rutgers, that's what you have to do to beat the so-called "big boys", but one would have to admit that Davis' experience there can't be even close to a common occurrence, even at schools similar to Rutgers in size.

Either way, as you read and would assume, he was impressed.

The University of Connecticut had the misfortune of being the school that preceded the visit to Rutgers, but Davis said he had a good time there as well, but yeah, Rutgers tore a page out of a book on recruiting visits I didn't even know existed for real.

After that, what else can you see, but with all that being said and done, there's three more visits to go.

The one that was supposed to happen this up-coming weekend has changed though, a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska postponed because of this slight situation in Big Red country in that they don't have a head coach.

Yes, an interim head coach in Bo Pelini, the person that is considered the favorite to win the permanent job, but no solid head coach means no solid visit for Davis, at least not now. Daniel didn't just decide this though as Linebacker coach, Jimmy Williams advised that this would be the best move at this time. "Coach Williams said that I should just wait until January to take the visit." Davis stated. "I still want to visit Virginia and I know Michigan State and South Florida want me to visit, so I don't know what I am going to do right now."

Nebraska sat as one of Davis' favorites in the early going, but as you might expect, the recent absence of a head coach means something to every recruit from coast to coast. Not so much because of the head coach leaving, but more because of the assistants that might lose their job as well.

And, Daniel said he is not ready to start over. "Coach Williams said that he didn't even know if his job was safe." Daniel said. "I have gotten to know these other coaches from other places and if they fire coach Williams, it's like starting over. I don't want to get to know someone new, figure out what they are like, what they are doing on defense and just doing that all over again."

"If coach Williams isn't around, it will be hard to keep Nebraska on my list."

The situation that Nebraska is in would appear to be the situation that simply won't die. It's not national news anymore, but in the midst of Lincoln and within the borders of the Cornhusker state, there's little anyone else can talk about.

The recruits and commits to the Big Red feel the same way, answers wanted and soon. As Daniel stated, it will make figuring out what they are going to do that much simpler in the end. "I heard that this Bo Pelini might get the job." Davis said. "I don't really know him, but heard he's a good coach and he came from the NFL."

"I am really concerned with what happens to coach Williams though. I'm not really willing to start all over again."

Daniel said that he hasn't determined exactly when the rest of his visits will take place, but hopes to have something figured out soon, but anticipates taking the majority of them in January.

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