"It's a 10 for sure" - Danny Muy's visit to NU

Sometimes, you can expect too much. A recruit hears about a school, watches them on TV and from that they create an image of what it is like. Without ever being there, the images and thoughts dancing around in their heads can be a little idealistic or something a bit more than what's actually there. Sometimes though when they do make that trip to see it firsthand, it does turn out to be everything they hoped for and sometimes, even more. That's how it was for Danny Muy on his visit to Nebraska.

There were 5 Lincoln Trojans that visited Nebraska officially. DB, Joe Manning, LB, Rodney Gallon, OL, Calvin Darity, DE, Matt Owens and OL, Danny Muy.

For each of them, there was a different idea of what they might see, hoped to see or wanted to see more than anything else and for Muy, his hopes were perhaps higher than any other.

Save for possibly Joe Manning, Danny's affection for NU topped that shown by the other teammates of his. Whether it was how Nebraska played or the impression their recruiter (Bo Pelini) from Nebraska made, Danny's feelings for the Big Red hadn't quelled one bit.

Danny is in Florida though and midwestern schools don't often have a great deal of luck recruiting out of the Sunshine state.

Why would they though?

Between the weather, the social life and the fact that three of the top college football schools in the country are located in that state, there's not a lot of reason to venture north beyond the borders of the state.

For any member of the Lincoln Trojans, they have an even easier time of it, the Florida State Seminoles being located not even ten minutes from just about any point where each of them currently reside.

Nope, it takes a special kind of person to not just get a young man in the state of Florida to look so far midwest, but ultimately in convincing them that Nebraska is definitely the place they want to be.

Enter, Bo Pelini.

Each coach from Nebraska that has a job as a recruiter is given a region of the country. Within that region, coaches try to comb and scour for the best of the best, trying to convince each of them to give Nebraska a look. If they get them to look, maybe they will visit and if they visit, just maybe they will be dawning Scarlet and Cream when the following year arrives.

That's the job, but in Florida, it's more than that simply because of the competition you have and how far you are asking players to go. What Bo Pelini did though in convincing these five Trojans to at least visit wasn't sell them on the program, rather sell them on what the program and everyone involved was about.

"He was honest." Danny Muy said. "He's a great guy and it's because of the relationship we (he and his parents) have built with him that I like Nebraska as much as I do. All the players at Nebraska just love him and you can't help but respect that."

That honest straight-forward philosophy is very endearing, especially to the prep-elite in the country. So often, most of them used to getting sold a program rather than simply being shown what it has, why it's the place to be and letting that stand on it's own.

And with Pelini, his approach was refreshing for Danny and his parents, because Pelini's approach wasn't just one of honesty, but his methodology was appreciated as well. "There's a fine line between recruiting and stalking." Danny's father, Scott McPherson said. "Some coaches will tell you what they think you want to hear, but Bo, he was always up-front about everything and we believe what he says. That's very important to us."

Bo Pelini has seemingly had this kind of effect on most of the recruits he has recruited, but for Danny, it was just what he was looking for in the end. A coach that would treat him with respect, talk to him as a person and not just a player and no matter what, gave him the straight-story rather than a bunch of "coach speak".

That was a big reason for his official visit along with his teammates, that and Nebraska itself. A chance to see an infamous program, one that has national titles and award winners galore. An opportunity to see the facilities, view the town and for the first time, see what snow was really like.

It didn't take Muy long before he appreciated the fun you could have with something that he's never even seen.

"We were in snowball fights all the time." Danny said. "I won big time though, because I think I got everyone. Right when we got to the airport, Rodney and I went to the end of the airport and just as he was bending down to make a snowball, I had this big chunk of snow and hit him right in the head."

Rodney himself had never seen snow before, but despite the frequency of the exchanges, that was hardly the theme for the entire visit. As Danny put it and it certainly followed suit with each of those we talked to that were on this visit as well, the theme was passion, intensity and relationships began and even solidified.

"I think we all just got along great with the players and coaches." Danny said. "I know Joe got along great with the guys showing him around, I got along great with those guys showing me around and it was like that for everyone. It's like I had known all of them for more than just a few days."

Danny's father echoed what Danny himself said. "Bo was really the reason we all were there, but once we got there, we developed such positive relationships with everyone." McPherson stated. "Barney is just one of the most genuine and nice people you could meet and I know he and Danny really hit it off."

"It's so important that we can trust these coaches because our kids are so far away from home and there's no doubt we felt that throughout the entire experience there."

What Muy said that he probable took from his visit that meant more than any other was the sense from the players that he was used to feeling as a member of the perennially powerful Trojans. "On our team, we are all best friends." Danny said. "We're like a family and it makes everything so much better."

"The way those guys practiced on defense and the fun they were having, they are just like that to. They care for each other, players and coaches to. They play for everyone else and not themselves."

"You can't beat that. That's everything you want a team to be."

The facilities, the weight room, the awards for outstanding achievements on the field, so many things that have been the selling points of the Husker program, all seemed almost petty to what Danny took away the most. It wasn't about "stuff", rather substance that impressed both Muy and his dad.

"Everyone has stuff." McPherson stated. "Everyone has stuff they can show off, but that's not what you care about as a parent. It's what you can't see that means the most and Nebraska had it all. The whole visit was what I would call the perfect visit. I am just really impressed."

Danny concurred.

"Before my visit, I thought maybe it would be about an 8 (on a 1-10 scale), but now, it's a 10 for sure. The visit couldn't have gone better I don't think. It was really everything I expected and more."

So, what does such a visit do for one, Danny Muy and how much does the coaching situation impact his ultimate decision?

"I still have a lot of schools to look at, but I can't imagine that they could get better than that." he said. "I do know that I hope and I mean, I really hope that Bo is going to be the head coach. He's such a great guy and somebody that everyone wants to play for. You can see it in those players when they practiced. They love him and it makes you want to be part of what's happening there."

Thus it does come full circle for Muy and his parents that this would come down to what happens in Lincoln. While Husker fans seem almost obsessed with the situation that revolves around the head coaching position, recruits and parents of those recruits are waiting. Waiting to hear what each expects and hopes.

"Let me just say that we are waiting for them (Nebraska) to make a decision on who the head coach is." McPherson stated. "When they make a decision, we can make ours here." Danny threw in his own two cents as to the possibilities should Bo Pelini end up getting the position. "Well, I want him to be head coach, I know that." Danny said. "And, if he is head coach, there could be a lot more Florida boys up there next year."

Danny is planning on taking the rest of his visits come January, after he and some of his teammates have competed in the annual, California/Florida Bowl. There, they will face another young man that visited Nebraska officially this last weekend, quarterback, Chris Owens of Thousand Oaks.

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