De-Commit #1

For some, it was only a matter of time. To others, it might still come as a surprise. So much uncertainty in Lincoln. So much unknown about the future of the Huskers, commits have been sitting and waiting, wondering about their future. Well, one Husker commit decided that he couldn't wait any longer for the A.D. of Nebraska to do something. He did something himself and for himself. Nebraska fans can only hope it isn't the first of many.

Allan Evridge came to Nebraska only a couple of years ago. Given that, he wasn't born with the Scarlet and Cream coursing through his veins like most of Nebraska's youth. That much his commitment to Nebraska that much more significant, because it wasn't out of loyalty, rather this decision being the right one for him.

Since Allan said he wanted to be a Husker, the Huskers themselves have changed dramatically. Minus a head coach, replaced by an interim coach and now, there's no coaches at all.

Forget the melodramatics, this stunk, especially if you had been led to believe that Nebraska was going to do such and such in the future and now, you didn't know even who was going to be coaching the team once you got there.

Allan was fortunate in that he did have other opportunities before him, Kansas State also having offered him a scholarship. So late in the game, this being January already, he knew that the Wildcats would be taking two quarterbacks, but they had recently gotten the first half of that mix.

Nick Patton committed to Kansas State leaving one spot open, a spot that was more than likely going to be full fairly soon. As much as Evridge wanted to wait, he knew that he couldn't wait, so yesterday, he did what the entire family hoped they wouldn't have to do. "It's not a choice we took lightly." Allan's father, James said. "When Allan got back from his official to Kansas State, he wanted to do it right then. But, we weathered that storm and held on just to see what would happen at Nebraska."

And, nothing did happen, but worse than that, when Athletic Director, Steve Pederson came out a couple of days ago to address the current coachless situation, when commits and recruits were perhaps hoping that they would get some answers, they did, but none that any wanted to hear. That was as they say, the straw that broke the camel's back for Allan and his family.

"When he (Steve Pederson) didn't really say anything and it looked like this was going to go on a lot longer, I knew we had to decide." Allan said. "I hate it because I really like coach Gill, but he understood when we talked to him."

That call made to QB coach, Turner Gill as he was in Florida for the coache's convention was a call nobody wanted, but everyone knew could be coming. For Evridge, he's happy and sad, but knew that this was his only choice in the end. "I know Kansas State has a great situation for me." Allan said. "People tell me there's more competition down there, but I have never shied away from that at all."

"The competition will make me better and that's why I am going there in the first place. I want to play, but improve overall."

The situation again, it's unfortunate, but probably not the first we will see. Often when it comes to things like this, some others simply wait to see someone else make the first move and it can snowball after that.

Steve Pederson talked about how he was willing to sacrifice a couple of recruits for the great good, so to say. Let's hope that his couple doesn't turn into a couple more and then, a couple more after that.

The coaching search continues, but Nebraska has now endured the first real casualty of that coaching search. Stay tuned to see if more are soon to fall.

We wish Allan and his family all the best as he ventures down to Manhattan. Good luck and God Speed with all your endeavors and we'll look for Allan on the field, of course though, in the wrong color.

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