"The Skinny" 8 Updates in 1

8 updates in one!!! All giving you the bare necessities to keep you ahead of the recruiting game. Is Brian Toal looking harder at Nebraska? How about one of the best quarterbacks in the country, Brian Brohm? Is he now looking towards NU, even a little? Daryll Clark, Darius Reynaud and more to wet that recruiting whistle. Just the facts ma'am, the nitty gritty, "The Skinny", just for you.

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Maurice McClellan


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The Skinny:  The firing of coach Frank Solich didn't effect him. The hiring of Bill Callahan phased him, but only in a positive way. Now, the firing of all the assistants at Nebraska, well, if Maurice McClellan is anything (other than a great athlete of course), he's as consistent as they come. "I can't wait to get there." Maurice said. "The changes are exciting and I am really excited to get up there and visit." Maurice will be making that visit this weekend, as he flies up solo for his official to Nebraska, but is glad that his scholarship, thus his commitment are intact. "Nebraska has where I have wanted to be." he said. "The staff changes don't change that a bit."


Ty Steinkuhler


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The Skinny : You might think that the son of one of the greatest Huskers that ever played might take umbrage with the recent firings at Nebraska. So much continuity lost, so many long-standing employees let go, maybe there would be a sense of loss about what has happened at NU. Not for Ty. "Honestly, I am pretty excited about it." Ty said. "I don't know if I am going to redshirt or not, but all the changes mean that everything will ne new for everyone and that's pretty exciting, because it isn't like that at Nebraska." Ty finished his career at the second-year high school, Lincoln SouthWest with 163 tackles from the Sam Linebacker position, but is expected to play RE with NU.


Brian Toal




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The Skinny: Coach Bill Callahan hasn't wasted any time in trying to make sure that recruits out there no full well that he's the head man at NU. Some have been lucky enough as well to have received a call from him so soon after he was named the new head man at Nebraska. One of those players is Brian, one of the top LB prospects in the country and a young man that has been looking at Nebraska, all though it might have been with far less intensity that Nebraska fans might hope. Coach Callahan calling Toal just two days after his announcement though, that has had an impact. "He said I was the first guy he called." Brian said. "I was pretty impressed impressed that he called me so fast. It let me know they have a pretty big need there." As for how that changes how he looks at Nebraska, Toal simply said this. "It changes things a lot." he said. "I can still schedule them, but have a few other choices to make, so I'll figure it out and see what I want to do." Toal has visited Boston College and Miami(FL) and will visit Tennessee this weekend, so he has two open slots to go.


Mario Urrutia


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The Skinny: "I was shocked." That's a typical statement lately in Husker land, but all the way over in Kentucky, it's hit with equal surprise. Shock though does have it's value if what causes the shock favors certain people and if the west coast offense favors any players, receivers are amongst those that should warm to the dramatic changes in Lincoln. "It's bigger and better opportunities for receivers like me." Mario said. It's actually an opportunity that Mario has been looking at for some time with NU, but hasn't waited for NU to take equal interest in him. "I have been interested in them from the start, but if they don't contact me, I look elsewhere." Elsewhere consists of Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, all which he has visited and Indiana, which he will be visiting this month. So, if Nebraska comes calling, does he take a trip to Lincoln? "If they call, I am definitely interested, but it's up to them to call."


Daryll Clark


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The Skinny: "It's kind of crazy man." That's what Daryll had to say about the continuing cycle of dramatic changes that are taking place at Nebraska. They are changes that he wasn't happy with when it was the first change, that being the firing of Frank Solich. For him, that was the beginning of decline in his interest in NU. "I mean, first it was coach Solich and I didn't like that." he said. "Now, it's everyone but Turner Gill and he's not the QB coach anymore. He's like the receiver coach. "It's just a whole lot of changes and it's changed my feelings towards them. I think right now, chances are slim and none with them." Daryll said that he wouldn't rule Nebraska completely out of the picture, having not had a chance to talk with coach Callhan himself, but between his declining interest in NU and his highly elevated interest in Penn State, Daryll thinks that it's only a matter of time before he's bound for Happy Valley. "It's probably going to be soon." he said. "But, I know what's up over there, liked my visits there and it's a place I know what my role is for the next four or five years. That's hard to turn down when so much is going on at Nebraska."


Brian Brohm


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The Skinny: By his build, speed and statistics (he passed for 48 touchdowns with only one interception as a junior), Nebraska fans would normally not take a second look at one of the nation's best quarterbacks. Well, that was until Bill Callahan came to Lincoln, toting the west coast offense along with him. And, if you wanted to know if Callahan wanted Brohm, the answer to that question Brohm answered himself. "He's tried to get in touch with me last night and the night before." Brian said. What's that mean for Brian though? So late in the game, three weeks or so before signing day and his list already down to a hearty foursome of Tennessee, Notre Dame, Louisville and Kentucky. Is he simply not interested? "I'll listen to what he has to say." Brian said. "Realistically, it's pretty late, but with this stuff, you never know what could happen. I wouldn't say it's a good shot, but I can't rule it out either. We'll see what happens." In an ironic twist, at least as it pertains to Nebraska's new head coach, I asked who Brian thought his style resembled most in the pros. He stated laughingly, "Rich Gannon", Bill Callahan's starting QB at Oakland the last two years.


Darius Reynaud


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The Skinny: Darius Reynaud stands as a top tier two-way type that is as versatile as he is quick. That versatility made his choices many across the country not just with schools, but with positions. At Nebraska, there was even talk that he could be tried at quarterback. Needless to say though, that talk is water under the bridge, NU's total profile having changed with the new coaches and though it didn't have a direct effect on Reynaud, it pretty much signs, seals and delievers his interest to Nebraksa down to little more than an afterthought. "I've pretty much written them off." he said. "They haven't contacted me in a long time, so there was no reason to look at them anymore." Those teams he is looking at are West Viriginia, Michigan State, Michigan and LSU. West Virginia and Michigan State had coaches in his home just last night, not at the same time of course and Darius will be visiting Michigan State this weekend. He says he has no leaders.


Webster Patrick


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The Skinny: With the commitment of Brandon Gunn to Iowa State, another RB commit that was considering Nebraska might be looking around. Just to make sure that Webster was or wasn't, I gave him a call to see if he was still solid on the Clones. "Oh yeah, I am solid." he said. "Competition doesn't bother me and that's where I want to be." As to what's happening at NU? "That's just too much going on over there." he said. "Right now, you don't know what's going on with them." 

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