THE SKINNY - January 15th, 2004

How about 'dem Huskers? Or, I should say, how about coach Callahan, hardly into the fold and already he's scored a biggun and from Florida to boot. If that's not enough, there's another kid from Florida, but he's one of the top WR's around. This late in the game, no way he would be interested in Nebraska? You might be surprised. How about one of the top DE's in the country, Tim Jamison. Nebraska contact there? Check all that and a little more on a short but oh so sweet version of THE SKINNY.

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Danny Muy


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The Skinny:  Nebraksa gets a commit, but it's a commit..........again? Yes, that's right as Danny Muy committed to Nebraska for the second time, the first time actually coming on his official visit to Nebraska as Danny told interim head coach, Bo Pelini that he wanted to be a Husker. Well, the coaching changes didn't end up changing the mind of the standout Florida lineman as just two calls from head coach Bill Callahan later and Muy was telling him that he was again telling the head coach that he was going to be clad in Scarlet and Cream next year. This marks Callahan's first commit, Nebraska's 11th after the de-commits of Terrance Nunn, Seth Olsen and Allan Evridge. The question now is will more of the Tallahassee group follow Muy from Lincoln to Lincoln. Muy was my lock of the year as you might already know, so now it's time to find a new one. Congrats to Muy and his family, but stay tuned tonight as we'll not only have a rather interesting story for you behind this whole deal with some things you may not know, but you will get to HEAR Danny's voice as we give you Callahan's first commit in the first SOUND BYTE of the year. You hear it straight from Danny, his voice, his thoughts and everything about what went into RE-committing to NU.


Xavier Carter


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The Skinny : You might think that this is a story going nowhere. The second rated receiver in the country, "Pee Wee" Carter as he is known is down to one official visit to take. Xavier hasn't decided if he wants to take his final fifth one available, having already visited all his favorites (Florida State, LSU, Miami) with only Florida remaining. As I have been asking a lot of prospects, I inquired as to whether coach Bill Callahan from Nebraska had contacted him, to which he said, "No". I then asked if there was any interest in NU considering all the changes that have taken place. That's when Xavier actually said something that did indeed surprise me. "I'd think about it if they contacted me." Xavier said. So, we'll see if this turns out to be anything so late in the season, but it's interesting to say the least. The winds of change are definitely sweeping over NU.


Tim Jamison


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The Skinny: Scouring the country to see who Nebraska has had contact with since the coaching changes happened, I happened upon one of the top DE's in the country. Talking to Tim Sr., he acknowledged that Nebraska had indeed contacted "little" Tim this week. The contact is interesting to them, but court is still out on whether or not it's interesting enough that it will warrant a visit from Jamison. "We don't know yet." Tim Sr. said. "We'll sit down and think about it, but right now we don't know." Currently, Tim has one remaining official visit, that to Michigan State coming up and after that, who's to say, but we'll keep in touch with him, because we expect by next week, there will be a decision made one way or another as to whether NU has a shot or not.


Josh Winchell


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The Skinny: I just talked to Josh not but a couple days ago, but the reason for the call so soon again is simply because Josh is waiting to see when he can take his visit to Nebraska. "We're trying to get it set up for next week." Josh's mom stated. "I know that's when Josh would like to go up there." As you saw in the previous update, Winchell hasn't been officially offered by Nebraska, but it's the hope of the Winchells that he will once he takes his visit up to NU. "That's what I am hoping." Josh said. "I thought that before the changes they were going to, but I don't know about where it is now. I guess we'll see, but I would like to make a visit up there if they still want me to visit." Josh's current list of favorites are Arkansas, Memphis and South Carolina, but he said that if Nebraska offered, "They would go right up there with the rest."

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