THE SKINNY - JAN 16, 2004

Check out this 10 for 1 recruiting blitz where we talk to a Husker commit to see just how committed he is, a young man that says he will commit on his visit to Nebraska if offered and three, count'em, three standouts from the legendary Concord De La Salle Dynasty. Add a JUCO all-everything lineman and a few more and you have what you need to stay ahead of the game. It's our way to keep you in it with the nitty gritty in what I like to call, THE SKINNY!

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Neil Brown


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The Skinny:  To look at the official visits set up, Neil has all five in the books. Having visited Duke, North Carolina and Michigan State, Neil has scheduled Tennessee and Alabama finishing up his allowed official visits. Not to limit himself though, Neil is adding a visit, an unofficial he plans on taking to the University of Auburn as well. So, if you are a Nebraska fan, that's it, right? Nebraska is out, you snooze you lose. Well, not quite.  "Nebraska is a team I grew up watching." Neil said. "And coach Callahan, he's obviously a great coach, but they haven't made any contact with me yet, so I don't know." And, if Nebraska did contact him, say they wanted him even with all his officials either taken or down on the books? "I don't know. I know I still have some interest in them, but I guess I'll wait to see if they contact me before I have to figure that out."


Daniel Davis


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The Skinny : Before the changes at Nebraska, Daniel was square in the crosshairs for the Nebraska staff, especially LB coach, Jimmy Williams. Since then, there's been no contact from Nebraska, leaving Davis wondering what's up. It hasn't consumed him though as his visits to UConn and Rutgers have helped fill the gap as well as his trying to go to Virginia for an official this weekend, weather permitting. The lack of contact though and the quickly collapsing calendar has given pause to his feelings for Nebraska that at one point were quite high. "It's been kind of hard lately, no contact, the coaching changes and all that." Daniel said. "Right now, I don't know, because it's really too late to just start to get to know someone. I like Nebraska, but this isn't the Nebraska I have talked to, so it's hard to see them as a team for me right now."


Del Roberts


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The Skinny: Del Roberts attended the California/Florida bowl just recently, a game that Florida won the bragging rights on for a year. During that time, the now commit to Nebraska, Danny Muy tried to convince him and just about any other Florida kid that was offered by Nebraska, that NU was the place to be. The coaching situation and lack of contact from NU though, it added up to Del Roberts sticking to things he knew, subsequently committing to North Carolina last week. It's a commit that he's fully intending to keep. "It was the place for me in the end." Del said. "It's a great place, great people, great coaches and I know I am going to be happy there, so there's no reason for me to look anywhere else." Del said that his visits were done, he was good to go and can't wait to play for the Heels next year.


Brandon Jackson


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The Skinny:  The day before yesterday. As coach Bill Callahan is trying to get situation amidst a time where he seems to have a thousand irons in the fire at once, he's been contacting kids, some that are hearing from Nebraska for the very first time. Brandon is one of those, but regardless of the long wait, he's not even phased a bit. So much so, he's replacing his West Virginia visit with the Huskers. "I think highly of them." Brandon said. "I think they would be a good team to play for." Amongst the other teams that Jackson is looking at are Miss. State, Oklahoma State, Memphis State and the aforementioned West Virginia. Considering the fact that he is shuffling his schedule so much at such a late point in the recruiting season, what does it mean for Jackson if on his visit, he gets a written offer to play for the Huskers? "I'd be speechless." he said. And that means? "I'd be a Husker, no doubt."


Stephen Green


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The Skinny: The question in Lincoln has been about one of the better safeties around, will he visit NU. Even his pledge to North Carolina would not deter Husker fans from thinking NU had a shot, if only they could get him to come on an official. Point of fact, that was what Green was trying to get scheduled and for this weekend actually. The good news for Husker fans was that Green did get it scheduled. Ok, there's a catch. Green changed his mind. "We got it scheduled." Green stated. "But, I sat down with my coaches, we talked everything over and we just thought that it would be better that I just go with what I have. North Carolina is a great place and there's everything there for me, so I just came to that and I'm done with recruiting." Nebraska was  the only team that Green was actually trying to schedule for one of his final official visits, but Green now says that no more visits, no more calls, he's good to go for the Heels.


Willie Glasper


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The Skinny: One of the many standouts out of the legendary Concord De La Salle on-gong dynasty, Glasper is winding down his recruiting season. An official to Arizona State this weekend follows his official to the University of Oregon and for now, Willie thinks that will be it for him. Nebraska had actually offered Glasper a scholarhip, but of course, that was under the old coaching regime. Considering that and the fact that the offer is still good, Husker fans might wonder if Willie is even remotely interested in NU this late in the game. "They haven't contacted me since I got that offer, but if they wanted me to schedule a trip there, I probably would." he said. It is late in the game as everyone knows, so the reality here for Glasper is in what he knows, but he's not ready to rule out any possibility. "You never know." he said. "It's pretty late, but I'd take the trip to see what's there."


Terrance Kelly


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The Skinny: Winning five billion games in a row does something for the reputation of a coach. Well, in the case of Concord De La Salle, it doesn't hurt the players either. I mean, you don't win two hundred thousand games in a row with robots although some would describe Concord as almost machine like in perfection. One of the many reasons for that success, at least this year and in recent seasons has been LB Terrance Kelly. As you would guess, he's been recruited heavily, UCLA and Oregon his top two schools right now. And truth to tell, Kelly has had absolutely no contact with the Huskers throughout his senior season. So, he's completely and totally off the map? "I have a trip left, so I would be interested, but it's pretty late right now. I mean, I wouldn't say it's out of the question, it's just hard seeing going there never having met anyone from their staff." Terrance does have his fourth visit remaining, this one to Arizona State, a school that could make his top list along with the Bruins and the Ducks.


Cameron Colvin


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The Skinny : With the west coast offense going to Nebraska, big-time receivers are awfully nice to have. Yet another Concord kid, Cameron fits that to a tee. Cameron actually has been contacted by Nebraska since the staff change over, Bill Callahan taking the helm, but Cameron said basically, the clock  done ran out. "I'm pretty set on Michigan, USC, Oregon and Miami." he said.  It also doesn't help NU that Cameron's official visit calendar is full, all four of those teams being scheduled of course, Florida State rounding out the allowed list of five.


Taitusi Lutui


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The Skinny: Prior to Bill Callahan taking over the Huskers, Lutui was high on Nebraska's map. In reality, it was a mutual admiration as Taitusi was pretty high on NU. Ok, segue to the staff changes, Frank Solich gone, Barney Cotton gone and most everyone else. Enter USC. Already a powerful tool, USC picked up where Nebraska left off, wooing the JUCO All-Everything lineman into committing to the Trojans. Nebraska has  contacted Lutui since the change over, but will that matter to him? "Yeah, they have contacted me, but I'm done with recruiting." he said. "I like where I am going and I know it will be a great place to be."


Michael Keenan


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The Skinny: 1, 908 yards and 23 touchdowns. Pretty darn good for any running back in the country, but how about for a kid that will probably be a linebacker at Nebraska? Yeah, it's incredible enough though for Keenan, it still wasn't good enough. "I wanted 2,000, so I was a little disappointed, but the year was pretty good." Yeah, to say the least. With all the changes at Nebraska, everyone wants to know about everyone out there, especially Nebraska commits. Are they solid, not solid or checking out entirely, that's the talk of the town. Michael has a thought to all that and how it applies to him. "I don't know the head coach because I haven't talked to him yet, but making it to the super bowl as a head coach means something." Keenan stated. As to how that applies to his status as a commit, there was a point of caution, but that's all but gone. "It was getting drawn out and you get kind of weery over that." Michael said. "But, that's all over now and now, it's about doing what we can to win a championship. That's what we all want."

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