How about one kid that will commit on his visit? Two? Maybe three? If this weekend turns out to be as expected, I don't know about twenty, but there will be a ton of kids all looking to see what the NEW Nebraska looks like. We talk to some that are hoping to be on their way up, plus we talk to a stud DE that is already at the top and will make his decision THIS WEEK. Brian Toal, Joe Manning, Greyson Gunheim, all that being just a little of what's in store for you on this edition of THE SKINNY!

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Brian Toal


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The Skinny:  Not even two weeks have gone by and Toal has been contacted by the Huskers no less than four times. For Brian, it's welcome, because he's not just looking for the place he wants to go, but the place that wants him as well. "It's important to know that the coaches want you there, but that you fit in there with what they are doing." Brian said. Brian has visited Miami, Boston College and most recently, Tennesse and has two more visits yet to go. Brian has since been waying that decision, still unsure of what he wants to go. "I don't know right now." he said. "I'll think it over, but I plan on taking my visits." Toal said that he is more interested in Nebraska than he was before, but still doesn't know if he will make the trip to Lincoln.


Joe Manning


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The Skinny : Manning and teammate, Rodney Gallon just got back from Auburn, over half way through their schedule of official visits. "It was a good visit." Joe said. "I guess the thing that stuck out the most was that southern hospitality. It's not like around here where nobody says 'hi' to you. They all do it down there." That hospitality and of course, the program itself was appealing to Manning, but says that he can't pinpoint any leaders right now, especially with his official visit to Florida State on the horizon. Though Joe doesn't put any significance on that visit above the others, his being just six miles away makes the swan song official the most crucial, at least for everyone else that is looking at him besides the 'Noles.


Brandon Jackson


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The Skinny: Brandon said that he would be making an official visit to Lincoln this weekend. Well, that's what he's hoping anyway. As you might see with a slight trend right now, the coaches have been in contact with many recruits voicing their desire for these standouts to come on an official, but some are still waiting to hear the official decision as to whether they are scheduled or not. "That's what I am waiting for." Brandon said. "They said they were interested, but I haven't heard back from them yet, so I am just waiting to hear, so I can make it up there for a trip." The trip itself might be somewhat anti-climactic for Jackson as in our last update, his intentions were quite clear. If NU offers, he's a future Husker. Is that still the same? "Oh yeah." Brandon said. "That's a great place, a great program and it would be big to play your career there."


Maurice McClellan


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The Skinny:  Having committed without actually ever seeing the campus, Maurice had images in his mind of just what he was likely to see. The images he was picturing in his head though, they didn't quite match what he ended up seeing in person on his official visit to Lincoln. "I was expecting to see more corn." McCelellan stated. "Everyone was talking like there's nothing but corn up there, so I don't know, I thought maybe I was going to see a barn or something." Maurice didn't however, at least not on campus and not in Lincoln that was likewise not totally accurate as to what he thought it might be. "I thought i would be in the middle of the country and there I was in the middle of a city." Maurice said. "It was great. I was surprised, but they were good surprises." Maurice said that coach Bill Callahan said he would like to try him at RB first because as Maurice stated, 'The coach said he liked big backs'. If that doesn't pan out, the move to LB will be next. For Maurice though, he just wants to play. "I can't wait to get on campus." he said. "It's going to take too long for that to get here."


Josh Winchell


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The Skinny: As you know, Josh has been waiting to hear from Nebraska. The Winchell family actually had heard from Nebraska, indicating that they still wanted him to come visit. The officical word as to whether he was scheduled or not, that's still up in the air and of course, that's what they are waiting on right now. "I'm supposed to go up there this weekend, but we are waiting on them to call to make that official I guess." Josh said. One of Josh's better friends, Brandon Braxton said to me in our earlier interview that he thought Josh was going as well, but for Josh and Brandon of course, they are waiting for the phone to ring. "If we hear from them, we'll be on our way up, so we hope the phone rings pretty soon."


Rory Johnson


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The Skinny: Though Rory Johnson cancelled his visit to Nebraska, there was still some question by some as to whether or not NU was truly off the map. So, we caught up with Rory to confirm that it was or wasn't. "Yeah, I dropped Nebraska." Rory said. Citing reasons ranging from a lack of contact to the other schools he is looking at being a good fit for him, the Huskers are officially out of the running for this LB standout.


Anthony Parker


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The Skinny: A "biggun" that is willing to play either side of the line, Anthony Parker is figuring out just what he wants to do. Anthony has already visited schools like Tennessee, N.C. State, Maryland and Indiana, but that means he has one more to go. That visit could take place this weekend up in Lincoln, Parker stating that the coaches from Nebraska contacted him saying that they would like for him to visit. As of yet though, the arrangements hadn't been made. "If they call and say it's set up, yeah, I'll go." Anthony said. "Their offense fits what I do, so it would be interested to take a look." Right now, Parker is mainly looking at N.C. State and Tennessee, but said that if he did indeed make his visit up there, he wasn't ready to rule out another team coming in at the stretch. "It's always possible." Anthony said. "You never know what you might see and it could be a great experience, but I have to visit to see for myself."


Greyson Gunheim


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The Skinny : With all of his official visits done, all that is left is a decision. It's a decision that won't have long to wait. "I'll probably know this week where I am going." Greyson said. And, who is in the running for this DE with some seriously freakish measurables? Well, it is Nebraska and three Pac-10 teams, those being Oregon, Washington and UCLA. Greyson stated that Nebraska has been in contact. Actually, a lot of contact. "I have talked to coach Callahan, coach Wagner and Coach Downing has been here twice." Gunheim stated. With all that though, Greyson is waiting for one more conversation with each coach of his favorites before he pulls the trigger. "I'll talk to each one more time probably and then figure it out before the end of the week."


Jordan Reever


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The Skinny:  Jordan Reever, a quality QB out of Garland averaged over 300 yards a game passing his first five games. He then dislocated his shoulder and was out for the next five. Jordan still ended up with close to two grand , passing a little over 60 percent in completions, plus he had 19 TDs to 7 interceptions.
His decision right now pertaining to Nebraska is whether he's going to visit Nebraska instead of Syracuse, a team that has offered him. Nebraska hasn't offered him, but right now, it's not whether or not he will visit Nebraska, but as to Turner Gill getting back to him so he can. Gill called up last night but missed Jordan, but if Nebraska wants him to visit, he will and drop Syracuse entirely. From what Jordan said, if Nebraska offers him, he's as good as gotten with only one hitch. LSU has been contacting him as well and if they offer, they are the ultimate winner.


Kisan Flakes


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The Skinny: In the aforementioned update on Anthony Parker, there could be another addition to the Lovejoy to Lincoln weekend connection. QB, Kisan Flakes said that he might be going up with Anthony as the NU staff voiced interest in Flakes coming up as well. For Kisan, he's not sure of what to expect on his trip, because honestly, he just doesn't know that much about the Huskers. "Before a couple of years ago, I never watched much football." Kisan said. "So, I don't know much about them, but I know they are going to the west coast offense or something like that." The offense appeals to him, but because of his size and athleticicism, what doesn't appeal to the Georgia standout is the fact that some teams aren't wanting him to play the position he wants to play in the end. "I am looking at the teams that are looking at me as a QB." Kisan said. "And, if we go up to Lincoln, that's what I am looking at them as, because that's what I want to play." On the year, Kisan stated that he had 2,500+ yards passing, completing his balls over 60 percent of the time and he threw for 25 touchdowns as well. Kisan also added apprx. 500+ yards on the ground.

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