THE SKINNY - January 21st

Check out today's skinny where we talk to some that are on their way to Lincoln, one that is waiting for the NU coaches that are on their way to him and Cortney Grixby's visit to Notre Dame. Was it all that and when is a decision to come? Also, check out an update with one of Tallahassee's finest and a WR out of Virginia that says he might just take a trip to Lincoln if the coaches want him to. That and more as we keep you in the game and ahead of the curve in this edition of THE SKINNY.

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Brigham Harwell


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The Skinny:  Brigham stands as a soft verbal to UCLA, but made no bones about the fact that he was still exploring his options. His options at this point, as you might expect are small, that being deliberate. At one point, Nebraska was among those options, the Huskers offering him during the tenure of the old staff. As for the new staff, no contact has been made and Brigham stated that it's basically too little too late, but at one point, he was very high on NU. "Early on, I was really interested in Nebraska." Harwell stated. "I had heard about their weight room and everything there and I really wanted to take a visit, but they went through all those changes and now, it's too late for any of that, but I was pretty interested them early on." We'll call this update your daily torture as if recruiiting isn't torturous enough.


Cortney Grixby


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The Skinny : When a young man takes a visit to Notre Dame, the mystique of the program usually makes an impression and it was no different with Nebraska's best prospect, Cortney Grixby. The history of ND played quite well for the Omaha Central standout. "There's just so much tradition there." Cortney said. "The stadium, the campus, everything, it's just a great place." The impression of the Notre Dame coaches still sits with Grixby as well. "All their coaches are great." he said. "And coach Willingham, he's just a very strong person and a great man." Speaking of coaches, last night there was supposed to be another head coach, that being Bill Callahan of the Huskers in the Grixby household to try and keep Cortney in the state. That wasn't to be though, but not because Cortney or the coach didn't want it to happen. "Coach Callahan couldnt' visit with me because of NCAA rules and the fact that I have visited with him already." Cortney said. So, does that leave Nebraska on the outside looking in? "No." Cortney said. "I am probably going to make an unofficial there this week and will probably know what where I want to go before the end of the week." So, it's down to ND and NU for Cortney Grixby and a decision should a done deal by this time next week.


Eddie Royal


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The Skinny: Ok, so Eddie is like almost every single kid out there that is being hotly recruited from around the country. A visit or two already down, just a couple more to go and then, it's decision time for the prep-star. As I have been scouring the country almost from scratch it seems sometimes, I simply ask if the new staff at Nerbraska had contacted them and if not, we move on. Eddie said that the NU staff hadn't contacted him, but even this short in the game, he would still be willing to take an official there, but with one catch. "They would have to bring me up during the week." Eddie said. "I am not bumping off the teams I have scheduled, because they have been there from day one, but if they said they wanted me to visit, I would check it out." If you aren't familiar with NCAA guidelines on contact and when it can happen, the "contact period" this month lasts until January 31st. A recruit can officially visit an institution at any point during that time.


John Watts


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The Skinny:  Even this late, even with this short of notice, some kids are determined to see what's out there wanting to make sure that they have quite thoroughly explored all of their options. That was the thinking with the Watts family as not even a week ago Nebraska contacted them and now, he'll be visiting Lincoln this weekend. Part of the motivation for that was a personal visit from new receiver's coach, Turner Gill and as John's mom reported, a verbal offer certainly didn't hurt. "We basically understood it that way." she said in regards to a verbal offer. "I suppose it was a way for us to know they wanted him, but we were given a good feeling that it would be a written one once John took the visit." John said that though Nebraska came on late in the game, he's considering them now with the rest of his favorites. "I'm just lookingn for a place I feel comfortable with and that seems like the right place to be." John said. "That might be Nebraska, it could be Louisville or Auburn. Right now, I don't know, but I expect I will like what I see at Nebraska." Following the visit to Lincoln, John has one visit left, that one to Auburn and thus far, Auburn hasn't offered, but like the deal in Lincoln, John is assuming he'll get one from the Tigers as well. John said he currently has no leaders.


Neil Brown


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The Skinny: Neil has a decision to make, one he will probably have made by the day after tomorow. You see, tomorrow is when the Nebraska coaches are going to be stopping in to see just what's up with Neil. For Neil, depending on the feel he gets from the NU coaches, that could dictate if Alabama is going to be his last official or instead, it would be supplanted by the Huskers, Neil opting to head to Alabama unofficially. "Alabama is so close that I could do that to." Neil said. "And I could just got on an official up to Nebraska." Again though, Neil is waiting for his visit from the Nebraska coaches before he decides whether he will or won't opt for that choice.


Rodney Gallon


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The Skinny: After visiting Auburn, this second official visit of the recruiting season, Rodney says he's not any closer to making a decision than he was. Rodney described the visit as a good time, the southern hospitality and accents being amongst the more memorable experineces while there. There has been one change with Gallon though in not who his favorites are, but Gallon is actually adding a team to his list, Rodney stating that he is going to try and get Miami on his list of visits for the near future. "I was talking to the coaches and wanted to make Miami one of my top five." Rodney said. "I just want to see what everything is like down there and see how it fits me." Rodney said that he might try to make Miami either sometime during this week or next, that in addition to his two other remaining visits, one to Tennessee and the other, right next door in Tallahassee to see the 'Noles. Rodney said that he does not have a leader at this time.

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