THE SKINNY - January 23rd

Oh, what a weekend. So many visitors and Nebraska could come out with not 1, not 2, but HOLY COW!Could NU get out of this weekend boggles the imagination. And though some Nebraska fans have looked at names, wondering not of their ability but as to basically who they were, there's one young man that could be a Husker that most people are fully aware. It's going to be a helluva ride, so check out this SKINNY to get you just a taste of what could be to come.

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Brian Toal


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The Skinny:   Two visits to go, one now officially scheduled, Brian Toal getting set for his trip to Penn State today. That leaves the question as to what school will take up that vital final visit and Husker fans want to know if Nebraska is going to get that slot. Bill Callahan had a chance to contact Toal, but whether it's worked or not in being able to woo Toal for an official visit to Lincoln, we won't know the answer to that more than likely until Toal gets back from his visit to Happy Valley. Other teams being considered for a visit are Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and Michigan.


Rodney Gallon


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The Skinny : Prior to his personal visit with coach Bill Callahan and John Blake, even Gallon will concede that Nebraska was hanging desperately close to finding itself off his list of five. Not because Nebraska wasn't worth consideration, but even he had become wore a bit from the uncertainty surrounding the program. With a personal visit now behind him, Gallon shows a little different perspective. "It was good to finally meet them in person." Rodney said. "I was still look at Nebraska, but it was like starting over again with everyone and when you know so much about all these other schools, it's hard to put Nebraska up there with them. After meeting the coaches though and getting a long, knowing that they were still interested in me and me being able to meet them and get to know them a little, it means a lot more." Gallon has visited Nebraska officially and has only Tennessee and Florida State remaining on his list. Rodney did say that one person of the NU contingent did make a great first impression. "I loved him." Gallon said of defensive line coach, John Blake. "He has a strong faith, he's quiet and humble and I couldn't believe how fast we just gelled. He made a great impression and helped to answer the questions I had about Nebraska." Gallon still indicates no leaders at this time, but plans on making a decision soon following his visit to FSU.


Danny Muy


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The Skinny: Already a commit to Nebraska, the meeting between coach Bill Callahan and Danny Muy might be considered somewhat anti-climactic. It wasn't though as this was the first time Muy got to meet his new head coach in person, along with defensive line coach, John Blake. It was worth the wait for Danny. "He's a really good guy." Danny said. "The visit went real good and I know that Joe liked coach Blake and Rodney liked him a lot to." You might guess that what impression Callahan makes on those not yet committed, at least to Muy, Danny suddenly going from being the recruited to now being one of Nebraska's most valuable recruiters, trying to lure the rest of the Lincoln standouts up to Lincoln again, this time in a more permanent fashion. It wasn't the last visit though according to Danny, Muy stating that the coaching staff will come back to Tallahassee one more time next week. Also, Danny stated that RE, Matt Owens who had been shown a lot of interest from Nebraska, but because of the coaching situation had received no official offer, that situation as well might find a rapid resolution. "I think he may get offered from the way it sounds." Danny said. "And, the same thing with Chris Owens. I am pretty sure they are going to get them."


Roland Martin


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The Skinny:   Off to Tennessee. That's where Martin is headed tomorrow and that's great news for Vol fans as Martin is without a doubt one of the top linemen in the country. Husker fans want to know though about that last visit, one that still has yet to be scheduled, something Martin is considering himself, even before his visit to Tennessee. "Oh, I am definitely still considering Nebraska." Martin stated. "I haven't made up my mind for sure yet as to the visit, but I have been talking to them and I'll probably know something after this weekend." Martin said that of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Iowa and several others, he's not willing to name a leader right now, but once he figures out where his final visit will be, he'll have a much better idea. "I'm not worried about it right  now." he said. "I'll wait until it's all done and go from there. I have time to figure everything out."


Terrence Nunn


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The Skinny: At a time like this, it's going to be tough for any recruit that can't decide between schools. And, according to Nunn's mom, this time has proven to be worth it's weight in cement as to the burden having to make that final choice has put upon the shoulders of the standout wide receiver. It's a time where he's had to put into perspective a recruiting season that has seen the gamut in emotional highs and lows. "He's just doing some real deep thinking right now." she said. "He knows he has to make a decision, but right, he's just trying to weigh everything out and make the best choice for him. It's been hard with everything that has gone on, so many things changing, so he's just trying to think about it a lot and know in his heart where he wants to be." You would have to sympathize if not empathize with the dichotomy that Nunn is experiencing right now. First a commit to Nebraska, then the changes that changed the face of the Huskers forever. Then, the commit to Wisconsin, looking for some stability and a great place to be. Now, Nebraska back with an even more promising future, at least from a wide receiever's perspective, thus his current stance at a point of indecision. We'll keep following Terrence has he attempts to sort all this out and see where exactly he ends up.


Neil Brown


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The Skinny: The waiting game has continued and to this point, with no results, Brown still waiting on contact from NU. Brown was waiting for coach Callahan to visit the night before last, but thought that last night was a possibility as well. That beared no fruit and now, Brown is anticipating simply moving on. "It's a little disappointing." Brown stated. "I wanted to see what they had to say and I really was interested in Nebraska, but I have to move on now with my official visit to Alabama and I have an unofficial to Auburn as well." Brown was waiting on Nebraska in trying to decide whether to keep 'Bama as an official or make Nebraska the official and opt to take an unofficial to see the Crimson Tide. That decision has apparently been made though, Brown now getting ready to move on. "At this point, it's pretty late, so I'll take my visits to Alabama and Auburn and go from there." Brown is also looking at Tennesse, Michigan State and North Carolina and says at this point, there are no leaders.


Lydon Murtha


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The Skinny: He's been a future Minnesota Golden Gopher since his junior year of high school. Perhaps that's a big reason why this 4-star rated lineman has not hit the charts at least in regards to getting offered from everyone and the kitchen sink. Since that commit however, Murtha has had time to look around and when the new staff at Nebraska came o' calling, Lydon couldn't help but to take a harder stare at the new-look Huskers under Bill Callahan. It also didn't hurt that Murtha already had some familiarity with the Huskers, having camped in Lincoln last Summer. "Nebraska had actually contacted me when they had the old staff." Lydon said. "I had told them I was committed to Minnesota, but I have had a change of heart, I guess you could say." That change of heart as enough to prompt Murtha to take an official visit to Lincoln today, but how far does that change go. Can Murtha see himself becoming a former Gopher commit and future Nebraska Cornhusker? "If they offer me (while on his trip), the outcome looks real good." Lydon said. "There's other schools looking at me, but as far as me looking at other schools, Nebraska is the only one. I called the coaches (Minnesota) and told them what I was doing." Ok, bottom line, if NU offers him, will he be a Husker? "Yeah, possibly." Lydon said.

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