Nebraska - What they lost-what they need

I love this time of year. My wife makes fun of me because of how intense I become. Letter of intent day is not far away!!! This is better than X-Mas for me, sad but true. I am "hardcore"----To me recruiting is when titles are won and lost.

Some people will say "look at Texas"  how many titles have they won???  True, but once you get the studs, you have to polish them up.  Plus, hasn't Texas been in the top 10 the last few years???  Wonder Why???  They are always in the thick of it.  Good athletes.
That brings us to the "new" Nebraska.  As a recruiting fan, I was never impressed with Solich's recruiting skills.  Yes, he got some good players over the past few years but- no game breakers.  No five star studs.  Why did we lose to Miami in the Rose Bowl?  They had better athletes.  Same is true with Oklahoma, Kansas State, and Texas.  Athletes.  Look at Solich's 1999 class and 2000 class.  With a few exceptions, those classes were busts.
Well, Solich is gone.  There is a new sheriff in town.  Meet Mr. Callahan.  Tom Lemming, one of the top recruiting minds in the nation, has said he is one of the top ten recruiters in the game today.  This excites me.  As a recruiting fanatic I am pumped up.  Coach Callahan brings alot to the table.  Number one---the little letters called N.F.L.. 
High school kids melt when they hear that.  18 year olds have dreams too.  They see these pro players with their 10 cars, millions of dollars, big house, and the women.  Hell, isn't that what every 18 year old male in the nation wants???  For most, the N.F.L. is their only ticket to that dream, and who better to help them get there than somebody who has coached Jerry Rice.
Also,  when it comes to recruiting, Nebraska fans we can't depend on a Ahman Green and Eric Crouch to fall into our lap every year.  We just don't have the population in this state to depend on that.  Thus, we must find the talent and bring it here.  This is recruiting.
As for myself, this is why I love college football.  You bring in a kid and you have him at your school for the next 4 to 5 years.  You watch him get recruited and you get to watch him grow as player.  He is not going to go free agent on you and sign with the Colorado Buffs. 
Yes, some kids transfer or quit school, but it is never about the contract.  In college football you have to recruit the player, teach and polish them about the game.  In Pro sports, all you need to win is a guy to figure the salary cap and a check book.  No loyalty, it is all about the money.  I can't even follow my favorite pro sports teams anymore because there are new players every year!!!  Why do the Yankees win every year???  Money.  Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.
That brings us to the here and now!  Nebraska Football, signing day is coming up fast! 
The ball is rolling.  Danny Muy, a standout 3 star rated center, out of Florida is Coach Callahan's first commit.  For myself this is huge.  To go into Tallahassee, Florida and get him to come here is big for reasons.---The turmoil with the coaching change,  the fact that in only a phone call Callahan won this kid over.---and there are four more big time recruits at Danny Muy's school.  Now that we have got Danny, let us hope that gives us momentum to get a few of the others.   Plus now, Callahan got the commitment from the Illinois Player of the year, Santino Panico.  He could play offense or defense.  A very tough hard hitting player.  Also Callahan has just added QB Beau Davis out of Los Angeles, CA.  He has a two star rating and has good size 6' 4" 185 Lbs.
Here is why I am so excited.  With Callahan, we now have kids looking at Nebraska that a few months ago were not, and the thing with these kids, is they are BIG TIME.  Here is my "wish list"  these are the BIG TIME kids who were looking at Nebraska and the new ones that now are.
Current commitments---D.T. McDowell, Beau Davis,  need 1 more
Prospects for Nebraska 
Rocky Hinds, Playa Del Rey, CA, a Vincent Young clone,  6' 4" 215 and fast, blew out his ACL his Senior year or he would be rated even higher than he is.  Has given a "soft verbal" to USC, but is still thinking.
Jordon Reever, Garland, TX, rated as the 44th best QB prospect in the country, the 6' 2" 185 Lbs. prospect is planning to visit Lincoln this weekend.  He is still waiting for an offer from Nebraska, but the team to beat might be LSU.
Kisan Flakes, Lovejoy, GA,  rated as a three star prospect.  Right now Nebraska is planning on having him on campus this weekend as well.  Rated as a three star prospect.  The 6' 1" 192 pound quarterback is the teammate of OL prospect Anthony Parker.
Matt Moore, UCLA, the 6' 4" 185 pound true Sophomore is looking to transfer from UCLA.  Nebraska is now one of the main schools he is looking at.
Joe Ganz, Palos Hills, IL, right now he has a "soft verbal" to Eastern Michigan, but is looking at Nebraska.  He is a very good athelete at 6' 2" 190 Lbs. and could play other positions. 
D.T. McDowell, Tucker, GA,  I put him on the list because it is a "soft verbal."  Callahan has to keep his commitment strong.  Nebraska is not out of the woods yet with him.
Running Back
Lost---Josh Davis, need 1 more
Current commitment---Maurice McClellen
Prospects for Nebraska
Andre Hall, Garden City, KS, Junior College,  a four star JC running back is now definitely interested in Nebraska.  Is just waiting for an offer.
Brandon Jackson, Horn Lake, MS, a two star prospect, with good size, 6' 1" 205 pounds.  Plans to visit and is also waiting for an offer.
Michael McLaughlin, Waynesboro, MS, has a two star rating,  6' 1" 215 Lbs.  Like the others he is interested but no offer has been made yet.
Wide Receiver and Tightened
Lost---None, need 1 more
Current commitments---Nathan Swift, Santino Panico, and Clay Sievers
Prospects for Nebraska
Kenny O'Neal,  Oakland, CA, Rated as the 11th best receiver in the nation.  He might be another long shot, but the Oakland native still has Nebraska in his top three.  He is leaning toward Georgia right now.  How will the new west coast offense effect him?  Plus if he is from Oakland is he a Raiders fan?  Will be another long shot.
Terrence Nunn, Houston, TX, A two star prospect, was at one time commited to Nebraska then changed to Wisconson.  Is now again having second thoughts and Nebraska is back into the mix.
Brandon Breazell, Fresno, CA, rated as a three star prospect.  Still has Nebraska on his list.  Rated as the 43rd best receiver in the nation.  Has 4.35 speed.
Gabriel Hatchett, Sacramento JC, one of the top receivers in the junior college ranks, has yet to be offered.  Has great size at 6' 3" 190 Lbs.  Rated as a three star prospect.
Lost---Demorrio Williams, T.J. Hollowell, Chad Buller, Need 1 to 2 more
Current commitments, Lance Brandenburgh and Michael Keenan
Prospects for Nebraska
Brian Toal,  Namsey, NJ,  He was the first prospect Callahan called, could play on either side of the ball, 6' 3" 230 lbs.,  a five star prospect.  One of the best out there!!!!!!
Rodney Gallon,  Tallahassee, FL, part of the "Tallahassee five",  3 star prospect. Nebraska is hoping getting Danny Muy (same school) can help land him. He was a big Pelini fan. 
Lost--Josh Swell and Dan Waldrop, Need 1 to 2 more
Current commitments---Mike Huff, Andy Christensen, and Danny Muy
Prospects for Nebraska
Roland Martin,  Chicago, IL, Callahan is from Chicago and so is Martin, a four star recruit, one of the biggest and best O-line prospects out there.  The key is going to be to get him to take a visit to Lincoln.  Martin is "BIG TIME."
Calvin Darity Tallahassee, FL,  another one of the "Tallahassee five" a four star recruit, still has Nebraska on his list and is waiting to meet Coach Callahan.  A legit top ten lineman.
Anthony Parker, Lovejoy, GA, the 6' 4", 285 pound prospect wants to visit this weekend.  He could play DL or OL, and is rated as the 49th OL prospect in the nation.  Rated as a three star prospect.
Lydon Murtha, Hutchinson, MN, the 6' 8" 320 pound monster has a "soft verbal" to Minnesota but is having second thoughts. The four star prospect will visit Lincoln this weekend.  Rated as the 11th best OL prospect.
Lost---Pat Ricketts, need 1 to 2 more
Current commitments---none
Prospects for Nebraska
Cortney Grixby,  Omaha, NE, when you have one of the best players in the nation in your backyard you have to get him,  Callahan needs to get him. He is rated as the second best CB in the nation and a five star prospect.  Plus his brother, DeAntae just finished up his career at Nebraska.  I feel he is a must get, you have to lock down the top in state kids.  Down to Nebraska and South Bend.  Nebraska is willing to let him play college basketball as well.  That may play a part on his choice.
Joe Manning,  Tallahassee, FL, another of the "Tallahassee five",  has always had Nebraska high on his list, a three star prospect, Callahan must close the deal on him. 
Willie Glasper,  Concord, CA, rated as the 6th best CB in the nation, a 4 star recruit, with all of this he has sparked new interest in Nebraska.  It might be a long shot, but at least we have a shot.
Lost---Patrick Kabongo, Jason Lohr, Ryan Bingham, and Trevor Johnson, need 1 to 2 more
Current commitments---Ty Steinkuhler and Byron Smith
Prospects for Nebraska
Matt Owens,  Tallahassee, FL, Yet one more of the "Tallahassee five."  A two star prospect with good size.  6' 4" 240 Lbs.
Brandon Lang, Tucker, GA, has a "soft verbal" to Georgia but has not ruled out Nebraska yet.  A three star defensive end.  Has good size at 6' 5" 220 Lbs.  Rated as the 47th best DE in the nation.
Adam Blankenship, Tulsa, OK, rated as a two star prospect.  At 6' 4" 230 Lbs. he has offers from Tulsa and Colarado State, can run the 40 in 4.7. Will visit Nebraska.
Speculation and opinion, that is all this is.  But that is what makes recruiting so much fun.  I love this time of year!!!   Some of these kids might be a long shot to get but at least we have a shot.  Go get them Coach Callahan!!!
Tim Schilz

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