It's the SKINNY, but it's a FAT skinny or maybe I should say, it's a PHAT skinny. Yeah, I love that hip lingo. Official visits galore, commits galore and some updates other than that. Commits to come? Visits to come? It's too much for one SKINNY, but it's a heck of a great start. Check out just part of the wild weekend that was in this edition of THE SKINNY, your rapid recap in recruiting!!!

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Cortney Grixby


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The Skinny:  People were waiting with baited breath today as many expected Cortney to make his decision. Notre Dame or Nebraska. Which one would it be? Cortney said of that decision that though it was just down to two teams, he wasn't quite ready to pull that trigger officially. This last visit to NU was just another way he could iron everything out, finally getting to know all his potential future coaches at NU. "I talked to coach Callahan about what the team was going to do." Cortney said. "I talked to coach "E" and he talked about how it wasn't a time where they were rebuilding, but talked about winning a national championship soon. And, I talked to coach Blake about things other than football, about life. It was nice." A little more familiarity had on both sides, Grixby was ready to put the changes at NU behind him, now looking at ND and NU equally, at least in that respect. So, all that seems to be left is a decision, one it sounds like Cortney knows what it will be, but won't announce until sometime later today. "I still want to talk to my coach and we'll decide on that tomorrow." he said. So, tomorrow or in this case, today it is, an announcement expected by Grixby around noon to early afternoon. Stay tuned and hold onto your seats, this one is going to be close.


Clayton Sievers


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The Skinny : Fresh off his official visit to Nebraska, what Sievers might have been looking for was just that push over the edge that let him know that Nebraska was truly the place for him. Still a commit, Sievers like many others had started to wonder, look and their eyes began to wander to other schools, if just for a bit. After his official visit though, Sievers is firm and even more firm then he perhaps has ever been during the recruiting process. "The visit went really good." Clayton said. "I talked to coach Callahan about the offense and the fact that they will be using the tight end a lot in that system. So, I am really excited about that." The new offense certainly does cater to a TE as you have seen of this offense throughout it's history in the NFL and for Sievers that was just another reason that he was firmly back on the Husker bangwagon. Between the visit, other recruits committing on the visit and the first-ever "Tunnelwalk" during recruiting season, that cemented everything for him. "I was 100 percent." Clayton said. "But, the visit was just awesome and I am just so much more excited. We're going to have a good class and I think we are going to suprise some people."


Brandon Jackson


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The Skinny: He said if he was offered, he would commit. Well, Brandon Jackson proved good to his word as when he visited Nebraska officially yesterday, an experience that was the final key for him. "It went great." Brandon said. "I got along with everybody. It felt like love up there, coaches, players, recruits, everybody." So much so that Jackson returned the affection, committing to be a Husker for the future. Jackson though, since he seems to have a flair for the dramatic, he couldn't just commit. He set it up in a very unique way. During the "Tunnelwalk", exhibited to recruits on an official visit we think for the very first time, Brandon made his pledge in style. "Coach Callahan was like, 'we're going to take the tunnelwalk' and he wanted everyone to do something spectacular and have fun." he said. "I was like, ok, I'm going to do something and I did a flip and it was so much fun." For Brandon, it's always going to be a little fun, but already, he's got some serious business on his mind. Serious as in titles, national titles that is. Just ask Brandon how many he thinks Nebraska will win while he's dawning the Scarlet and Cream. "Two." Brandon said. "I think we can get two up outta there."


Gabriel Hatchett


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The Skinny:  Here's another that said he would commit if offered and just like others, Hatchett owned up, committed and now, he's a future Husker. Gabriel did concede though that he didn't even need to wait for head coach, Bill Callahan to offer. The experience alone was enough to bring him into the fold. "Wow." Gabe said. "It was like nothing I had ever seen. It was like ten times better than anything I had ever seen before." The 'wow factor' obviously working for Callahan and company, Gabe said that everything after that was basically icing on the cake. "To tell you the truth, I was committed even before he offered me." Gabe said. "I had already made up my mind." For a receiver, being so convinced of what Nebraska was going to do with him, that alone seems fairly unusual, but these are fairly unusual times. New offense, new era and even in recruiting, there's a new philosophy there as well, Callahan debuting the "Tunnelwalk" for recruits on their visit, something we don't think has ever been done before. Gabe said it was amazing, but he pondered what it would be like when the stadium was not nearly so empty. "I can't even imagine what it's going to be like with 80 thousand plus fans." Well, Gabe Hatchett will very soon find out.


Ty Steinkuhler


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The Skinny: Ty was the second commit Nebraska had during this recruiting season. Long enough time that he's seen almost a career's worth of changes at Nebraska since. If ever there was one, Steinkuhler remained a solid Husker commit throughout, never wavering for a moment. This weekend, he got his first chance to visit NU officially, even though the campus itself was probably more like an old friend. An old friend with new caretakers that he finally got a chance to meet face to face. "It was exciting." Ty said. "Meeting the new coaching staff, it was fun and they brought a different atmosphere to the University. It was fun. All the coachers are great and I think it's going in the right direction." Considering Ty's expertise on Nebraska, during the unprecedented "tunnelwalk" for the recruits, he stated that he was trying to tell them that 80,000 people makes that particular ceremony a lot more effective. He said it fell on somewhat deaf ears. "I was trying to tell them." he said. "But, they were just like in awe." Ty did admit that he might feel the same way one day when he's actually in the middle of that crowd instead of watching it as he has done for so many years.


Lydon Murtha


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The Skinny: Having committed over a year ago, Lydon has had time to think. While still remaining solid to Minnesota, Murtha evaluated his situation from time to time. Not until the hour was almost upon him though was that thought process really taking a turn for another direction. At that point, Nebraska entered the picture. Enough to warrant an official visit from the Minnesota standout, one he got back from with perhaps a completely different mind-set than he had going in. "It was great." Lydon said of his visit. "It was everything I expected from Nebraska." One thing he didn't expect nor anyone else for that matter would be that aforementioned "tunnelwalk". Lydon was glad they threw it out there during a time he was visiting the program. "That was the highlight of my trip." he said. "That was amazing." Amazing, but how amazing? Husker fans want to know just what kind of effect the entire experience had on him. Can he put Nebraska into perspective with his current commit, the University of Minnesota? "When I compare it (Minnesota) to Nebraska, it's night and day." Lydon said. "Everything they have at Nebraska is top-notch, real sophisticated, everything I am looking for." While a decision seems imminent in favor of NU, Lydon was still not ready to say one way or another. "I want to talk to the coaches (at Minnesota), but I just want to take a couple of days to let it sink in." Ok, so we'll get back to Lydon in a couple of days.


Adam Blankenship


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The Skinny: When you visit Nebraska, your expectations are probably high. That's no different even from a young man that comes from a traditional power in their own right, Union High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a perennial powerhouse in the Sooner state. Being the son of the head coach of that school also doesn't hurt familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of what it takes for a team to be successful. Lessons learned and obviously ones he wants to learn again as Adam gave his pledge to be a Husker yesterday. "Just going in there, I had high expectations." Adam said. "They have so much tradition." As to the result of those expectations, needless to say, Adam came out pleased. "Every expectation was met." he said. "The campus was amazing, the stadium was ridiculous and just meeting with the coaching staff, they are going to be awesome." What is also 'awesome' for Adam is now he finally knows where he's going and recruiting is officially part of history. Now, it's about the future. "When recruiting starts, you get so excited." Adam said. "As things go along, they start to get serious and start to weigh on you alot, so it's a big relief. It's pretty cool."


Vernon Smith


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The Skinny : Vernon has a decision. It's about his last official visit. Simply put, it's between two schools, Miss. State and Nebraska. Actually, it could be both. If you are looking at the calendar and scratching your head at that one, the assumption you have is that Smith will sign on signing day. That's possibly not going to happen, but Smith himself hasn't made up his mind as to what he's going to do. "I am not sure if I am." Vernon said about inking on signing day. "I will probably wait on my grades before I decide anything." Vernon is actually re-taking his SAT to boost his qualification over the edge in regards to the NCAA clearinghouse and after that, he will figure things out. It doesn't mean he couldn't ink on signing day, but Vernon said that he's probably going to want to be sure before he does anything official. "I am just waiting on some things to figure out where I am." he said. "After that, I'll have a good idea of what to do."


John Watts


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The Skinny: It was short notice, but not too short evidently as standout lineman, John Watts made his official to Nebraska. The coaching staff trying to make up time contacting a bevy of recruits came calling with the hint of an offer forthcoming, luring Watts to Lincoln. That offer was made good by coach Callahan, but it was just icing on the cake for a visit that Watts found equal or better to all his expectations. "It was a place I would definitely like to come play football." Watts stated, but also added that he didn't say for sure that he WOULD be there, at least as of yet. "I don't know yet." John said. "It's kind of 50/50." John said of deciding between Nebraska and Auburn, a school he plans to visit next week. It is however a visit he's not completely for certain will make a difference in the end. "I am going to visit Auburn, because my homeboy goes there, but it's up in the air on me deciding before I go there or not." John said. "I might decide tomorrow morning that Nebraska is where I want to be, but I don't know yet, so I'll just see how I feel during the week."


Terrence Nunn


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The Skinny: Don't envy the position of Nunn right now. Terrence committed to Nebraska and everything changed, coaches being let go like they were employees at Enron. Every relationship built over months, suddenly vanishing in front of his eyes. He started to think things over, but you could understand why. Terrence thought them over enough that he reconsidered his decision and ultimately committed to Wisconsin, reversing his pledge to the Huskers. Ok, now hold the phone, as fast as Nebraska got rid of employees, now it's a new head coach, a new offense and the staff is almost completely back up to speed, nearly as quicly as they were brought to an abrupt halt. Now what? "It's pretty tough right now." Terrence said. "I am just trying to think about things real hard and figure it all out. I still haven't made up my mind, but I have a lot to think about." That he does and not a lot of time to do it, but Nunn did say that he was hoping that it wouldn't take much more time at all. "I hope by the end of this week." he said about coming to his decision. "I am just going to think real hard on it this week and come to the best decision for me." We'll keep in touch with Terrence until that time comes.

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