THE SKINNY - Jan. 28th

Rory Johnson back in the mix? Terrance Nunn about to become a Husker.........again? Visits to be made by players and visits being made by coaches, the recruiting frenzy from Nebraska isn't slowing down a bit. Check our latest SKINNY to keep you in the recruiting game, on top of the action and see what some are still saying about Nebraska with just a little over a week to go. It's your rapid rundown in recruiting as we bring you this edition of THE SKINNY!!

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Rodney Gallon


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The Skinny:  As you would expect, if you are touted, coveted and recruited from around the country such as Rodney is, the final couple of weeks leading up to signing day are hectic ones indeed. That's certainly applicable for Gallon as last night, he had not one, not two, but three sets of coaches in his house for visits. "Auburn coaches were here, Tennessee coaches were here and Nebraska coaches just left the house." Rodney said. "I'm almost tired of talking." he added jokingly. With one official visit left to Florida State, Gallon said that he honestly has no leader at this time. "I am just trying to keep everything open until my visits are done." he said. "I will really sit down and think about it after that." Florida State should be considered a clear leader here for Gallon's services even if he isn't willing to state that. The campus is apprx. six miles away. Gallon is considering the Noles, Tennessee, Auburn and Nebraska.


Andre Hall


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The Skinny : The waiting game is one that Andre Hall is used to. As a junior college athlete, Hall is also not constrained by the signing day deadline that is fast approaching. With that being said, Andre says that he's not overly fond of the idea of sitting around waiting for certain schools to call, Nebraska in particular. The Huskers have been a favorite of Halls for some time. He's even gone so far as to say that if he was offered by the Big Red, that's probably where he would be. Hall has since been contacted by NU for a visit, actually just this last week, but he has yet to be contacted in trying to put anything offiicial down as to a visit. So, this weekend, he's bound for Texas A&M. "I talked to them this last week." Andre said. "I was wanting to get up there, but they haven't called, so I am going to visit Texas A&M this weekend." The Aggies are obviously a big contender for the JUCO standout as is Oklahoma State. Hall said though that because of the fact that he isn't ready to rule the Huskers out. "Yeah, I am still interested in them, but they have to get me up there for a visit first."


Terrence Nunn


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The Skinny: The road for Nunn has been an interesting one. Probably one he would just as soon not have taken. From committing to Nebraska, to de-committing, to committing to Wisconsin, now it looks favorable that Nunn will again change his decision and revert to his first pledge, Nunn a future Husker once again. While there are going to be certain emotions felt as to this apparent lack of decisiveness, there also has to be understanding considering the situation that has beset the program Nunn initially make the promise to, to attend. Nebraska's changes have prompted a few to consider other avenues, Seth Olsen and Allan Evridge both changing their minds to go other places. Nunn had followed suit, but considering the changes now in place and the promising future for a wide receiver, it's likely that Nunn will soon make a pledge back to the Big Red. Though Nunn's mother wouldn't indicate that as fact, she did say that the family was leaning a certain way and what they were wanting to do right now is get everything in order with Nebraska to address their own concerns about Nunn's academic support. It's believe that once that's finished, Nunn will make it official he's back with the Nebraska Cornhuskers.


Lance Brandenburgh


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The Skinny:   He was supposed to visit Nebraska last week, but obligations to his basketball team and the reluctance of his basketball coach to let him out of such prompted the Nebraska commit to delay his official to Lincoln until this weekend. Lance's mom though jokingly stated that the basketball coach might still not let him go. "Lance plays great defense." she said about Brandenburgh's biggest value to the basketball team. "I know the coach doesn't want to lose that even if it's just for one game." The roundball aside, Brandenburgh is expected to make the trip up this weekend to finally see the program and all the coaches up close for the first time.


John Watts


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The Skinny: Watts had said that his decision on where he wanted to attend college could come even before his visit to Auburn. Obviously, the belief here is that if he does do that, it's the Huskers that will get the nod, Watts getting that full-ride offer from Nebraska after his official visit this last weekend. Watts has not yet made that decision one way or the others, so the visit to Auburn still planned, but as Watts stated in our previous update, he'll probably attend Auburn for the official regardless of what he does. "One of my friends goes there, a good friend for a long time." Watts stated. "So, I'm probably going to go there no matter what I do."


Rory Johnson


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The Skinny:   Just a brief update in that we were able to confirm that Rory Johnson would be visiting this weekend. Johnson had previously dropped Nebraska from his list entirely, but since the addition of Jim Knowles, the former linebacker coach and recruiting coordinator for Ole Miss ( a team Johnson was considering), the Huskers have found their way back on the recruiting map. Other teams in consideration are again, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

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