Just how important is recruiting???

O.K., O.K., recruiting is not everything. Some of my close friends jump on me so bad about that. I am the guy that called them at work to tell them about Cortney Grixby committing!!! Really, that made my whole week!!! My friends are wrong. Period! Recruiting is the life blood of the program. I might be hardcore, but shame on them for not giving the attention to recruiting that it deserves.

As Nebraska fans we take winning for granted, but winning starts with recruiting. We thought the best players would just come to Nebraska because "We are Nebraska!!" That was the 80's and the 90's. The world has changed.

Look at Missouri, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State, Iowa State, Iowa, and even Kansas! Dare I even mention the Texas schools.---All of those schools have gotten better. Much better, and that is the problem.

We used to walk into those high schools and the kids were just begging to come to Nebraska------Kids like, Grant Wistrom, Mike Minter, Mike Rucker, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Josh Heskew, Brook Berringer, and Steve Warren. Look where they're from---surrounding states. Ten years ago when you lived in Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas there was only one school---Nebraska. Times have changed, this is not the Big Eight anymore.

Welcome to today. Those schools haven't stood still. Missouri is on the up. Oklahoma State is on the up. Iowa is on the up. Kansas State is on the up. Have I mentioned what Oklahoma has done in the last few years?

My point is we just can't walk into the surrounding states and pick whoever we want. We used to,-----not anymore!!! In the world of college football our neighbors have gotten better. Now we have to go out and earn those kids. Nothing is for granted. The "glory years" are over. Just because you live in a surrounding state does not mean you are "Nebraska bound!" Welcome to the Big 12 Mr. Callahan.

Just how important is recruiting???

One bad class can hurt you, but two bad classes...well..... you're 7 and 7.

Here is a look at the 1999 class

Ryon Bingham---Starter
Rob Blomeier---Transfer
Shaun Coleman---Injury---Gave up Football
Judd Davies---Starter
Josh Davis---Started part of his Senior year
Jon Dawson---Kicked off the team
Toniu Fonoti---Left early for the NFL
John Garrison---Very average
Taylor Gehman---Hurt his back and had to give up football
Tim Green---Never started a game, always hurt
Larry Henderson---???
Blanchard Johnson---Had to give up football due to injuries
Trevor Johnson---Did not start till his Senior year
Patrick Kabongo---Second string
Chris Loos---Never started a game, always hurt, a career back up
Jammal Lord---Starter
Robin Miller---4th string
Spencer Owen---transfered
Phil Peetz---Did not contribute until his Senior year
Junior Tagoa'i---Kicked off the team
Dan Waldrop---Starter

Now Let's look at the 2000 class

Willie Amos---3rd string corner, hurt his knee and has not been the same since
Jake Anderson---Starter
Manaia Brown---Transfer
Terrell Butler---3rd string corner
Thunder Collins---Kicked off team
Ira Cooper---2nd string
Sandro DeAngelis---2nd string
Mike Erickson---Starter
M.J. Flaum---Had to give up football due to injury
T.J. Hollowell---Starter
Lannie Hopkins----Talented, but always hurt
Steve Kriewald---2nd string
Dewayne Long---Always hurt, gave up football
Alvin Marshall---Who???
Lornell McPherson---2nd string
Nick Povendo---2nd string
Jason Richenberger---Transfer
Chris Septak---4th string
Bernard Thomas---Starter
Ben Zajeck---4th string

Other than Fonoti (who left early) there were no All Americans, not even an All Big 12 player. Half were hurt, transfered, got kicked off the team, or ended up buried on the depth chart------------------The result, a 7 and 7 record.

Recruiting is not everything. But, if we don't get quality talent then the coaches don't have anything to work with. My friends really should pay more attention to this stuff.

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