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The recent days for Nebraska have been tumultuous at best. The roller coaster that is recruiting has been in full-force with the Big Red seeing some come and seeing some go. This last weekend was NU's last run at some of the best around the country, one last set of visitors to try and woo amidst a wintery capital city. Nebraska scored their first commit from that set of visits.

At one point, Jordan Adams envisioned himself as a quarterback with a "big-time" program. His visions were of the west-coast elite however, USC, UCLA and teams like Oregon were place he thought or at least, hoped would be.

Who would have thunk it that Adams would take his very prototypical style as far as the midwest to of all places, the University of Nebraska. Adams sure didn't. "All I ever knew about them was that they ran." Jordan said. "They had a great tradition, but I never thought of myself at a place like that because that's not the kind of offense I am used to running."

The offense Adams ran at Grossmont Community College did have some option in it ironically enough, but as Adams stated, that was the very least of what they did. "I have been asked about our offense before and I'm not sure how to describe it." Adams stated. "We pass more than we run, but we can run to. Really, with the team we had this last year, we did about anything we wanted."

For Adams, it was a little bittersweet as his role wasn't that of the starter, Adams playing back up the entire year save the last game of the regular season. Jordan does show a little flair for the dramatic as he took that one solitary opportunity to leave some question as to who should have been the starter all along. Throwing for a school record 531 yards, Adams blitzed the competition as Grossmont scored 52 points on Antelope Valley. In that game, Jordan was 32 out of 40, throwing for 4 touchdowns.

That 531 yards is again a record, but should he throw for that at Nebraska, it won't be just a record, but would be that by about 231 yards. Jordan talked somewhat jokingly about the passing records at Nebraska or lack thereof. "Yeah, the coach was telling me that it wouldn't take long to get any of the passing records there." Jordan said. "He said it was because there wasn't any."

Records are nice and Adams will admit that they look great in the newspaper, but there's only one record he's concerned about once he steps on campus as a Husker. "Nebraska has such a great tradition." Jordan said. "So, you want to come in there and continue that. Nebraska is used to winning and that's what we will all be trying to do."

As his junior college time translates, Jordan will have 4 years to play 3 and is fully qualified right now.

Jordan is looking forward to something when he does get to Nebraska and finally gets to be part of a game. Something he only got a slight taste of on his official this last weekend in Lincoln. "I can't wait to be a part of the tunnelwalk." Jordan said. "It just sent chills down my spine this weekend, so I can't even imagine what it will be like when there's nothing but fans in red all over."

"That's going to be really exciting to see."

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