Send your film to us!!

Height, weight, speed, vertical. All are considered to be essential to how effective you are on the field. How does one know though? Looking at film, that's how.

You could have the best measurables in the world, but if it doesn't translate to the field, it just doesn't matter in the end.

You want an honest and fair critique of your film or the film of a recruit you know? Send it here and we'll look at it and tell you what we think. You never know, you could be better than you think.

The only way coaches will ever know how good you really are is to see how you play the game.

So, send your game-film here!

Please, highlight films are nice, but actual game film is needed to get a real accurate feel for each individual player.

Please include with the film the following:






Last recorded 40

Vertical (if available)


Awards received (if any)

Verbal or written offers (if any)

Letters of interest (specify schools)

Unofficial visits made or planned (if any)

Camps attended or scheduled to attend (if any)

GPA and if available, most recent SAT/ACT score

Brief bio on individual goals on and off the field (please include college teams followed or school that player would ideally like to attend)

Contact number

It's comprehensive, but to be fair, to be accurate and give you the best idea of what you can do and what could be realistic for the future, send your film to us and we'll give you our fair, but honest opinion as to what could be in store for you, your son or just that person you know.

Send film to:


401 N. Coddington Ave.

Lincoln, NE.


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