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The recruiting that was becomes the team that could be. Getting on the field right now or in a year or so, those are the overriding questions. Who do you think will take to the field early and become possibly Nebraka's next star? We give you our thoughts in this rundown of the recruiting class that was and the players they might be.

Well, signing day was here and now it is gone. I have been waiting for the smoke to settle to give my thoughts. There were no real big surprises. We didn't get Rocky, but the odds were against us on that one to begin with.

So what do I think?? If I had to give the class an overall grade I would say.... C + . As for what Callahan had to do with three weeks left, I would say...A - . Let's face it, the deck was stacked against him from the start. To his credit he picked up 10 kids and brought back one from a decommit. Not bad, not bad at all. Granted, a few kids were not big names, but a few were. I was worried he was just going to start to fill spots just to fill spots but that was not the case.

First off, great move hiring John Blake. It was his recruiting class that won Bob Stoops his first National championship at OU. Blake is one of the top recruiters out there. He has great ties to the South, and has a presence in the living rooms of future recruits. Personally, I don't think he got enough time at OU before they pulled the plug on him. Just wait 'til next year for him to really work his magic.

Callahan showed guts pulling a scholarship from Byron Smith, who was regarded as one of our top prospects, but due to his troubles with the law Callahan yanked his scholarship. One Lawrence Phillips in a lifetime is enough.

Then he showed no fear by going after Rocky Hinds. He got a visit out of him and that alone to me was big. Rocky didn't even have Nebraska on the radar until Callahan showed up. Then to have it come down to signing day for Rocky to make a decision shows what kind of an impression Callahan must have made.

So overall I am pleased. It's not a top ten class, but it is a top twenty five. Not bad with all that has happened in the last three months in Huskerland.

Some will play right away. Some it will take a few years. Some are projects. Here is my take. Please consider, this is just speculation without seeing a new depth chart with the new coaches. Speculation and opinion. After all, everyone has one and here is mine.

No redshirt year???

Cortney Grixby, CB, 5' 9", 160 Lbs., Omaha, NE,---Rated as one of the top defensive backs in the nation. DeAntae's little brother. Don't be surprised if you see him returning punts come fall. He is the most athletic recruit we have had in a long time and might even get a shot at receiver. Should see the field come fall, in some way or another.

Cornelius Thomas, OL, 6' 6", 305 Lbs., Farrington, CA,--- A Junior College player with three years left to play two. Rated a top 100 JC prospect. Good size and good feet, is expected to contribute right away at the Tackle position.

Jordan Adams, QB, 6' 4", 195 Lbs., West Hills, CA,--- Another JC player. Callahan loves this kid, and even calls him a "steal." Remember, we only return two scholarship QB's in Dailey and Stunz, plus walk-on Garth Glissman. Out of the three QB prospects he is the one most likely to make an impact early. He will have four years to play three.

Michael Keenan, LB, 6' 2", 220 Lbs., Kansas City, MO,---Sleeper??? Not to the people in the KC area. He is athletic enough that he may even get a look at offense. He comes with a 36 inch vertical and 4.5 time in the 40. With the lack of depth at the outside linebacker spot, he could make an impact early.

Terrence Nunn, WR, 6' 0", 185 Lbs., Houston, TX---We all know the story, NU or Wisconsin. NU or Wisconsin? Just be happy it was NU. Nunn has great hands and can separate from defenders. Plus the 4.4 time in the 40 doesn't hurt. NU has some good young receivers, but Nunn will be a good talent to throw into the mix.

Brandon Jackson, RB, 6' 0", 210 Lbs., Horn Lake, MS---Brings good size, solid speed, and the X factor---he can catch the ball out of the backfield, and after all, running backs do have to catch the ball in the West Coast Offense. Cory Ross, David Horne, and up and comer Tierre Green might have a little more competition now. Recruiting Analyst Tom Lemming considers him a top 10 running back prospect---credit Coach Blake's southern connections to help land him.

Give it one or two years and then watch out!

Lydon Murtha, OL, 6' 8", 310 Lbs., Hutchinson, MN---This guy is the real deal. Size and strength. Rated as one of the top tackle prospects in the nation, if not the best. He could play his first year, but would be better off taking a year to work on his technique and add some more size and strength. Don't waste a redshirt year if you don't have to. Nebraska stole him from Minnesota late.

Andy Christensen, OL, 6' 3", 275 Lbs., Bennington, NE---I mentioned sleeper earlier. Well, this is the guy. Underrated big time! He has a hardcore work ethic and drive. Remember Russ Hochstein? He comes from a small school, but his numbers aren't small---4.98 time in the 40 and a 365 bench press. Mark my words, this kid will start someday. Not because of his Numbers or ratings. Heart.

Clay Sievers, TE, 6' 4", 230 Lbs., Elkhorn, NE---Rated as the 11th best TE prospect in the nation. If not for the young talent at NU at the Tightend position, he would have the potential to play early. Give him a year to grow and learn and he will make an impact. He clocked a 4.75 time in the 40 and has football in his blood---his brother Chad plays at NU now as a backup linebacker.

Nathan Swift, WR, 6' 3", 185 Lbs., Hutchinsen, MN---Could be another steal, has 4.5 speed. Was the first kid to commit to NU back in June, and he has never backed down. Athletic. Rated as the 77th best receiver in the nation. If he comes in and plays hard he might not redshirt.

Danny Muy, OL, 6' 3", 270 Lbs., Tallahassee, FL---One of the top center prospects in the nation. Callahan won him over and stole him away from the likes of Florida State and Alabama. Tons of potential, just needs a few years. Could end up playing either guard or the center spot at NU.

Lance Brandenburgh, LB, 6' 1", 220 Lbs., Overland Park, KS---The young man is a tackling machine. He knows where the ball is and can get to it. He runs a 4.65 time in the 40 and is rated as a three star prospect.


Beau Davis, QB, 6' 4", 185 Lbs., Venice, CA---The young man can throw the ball. As a Senior he passed for 3,153 yards and 40 TD's. The arm is not under question, the frame is. The program lists Beau at 185 Lbs., that might be true if he is soaking wet and wear shoes. Needs to add some bulk, but the talent is there.

Adam Blankenship, DE, 6' 3", 230 Lbs., Tulsa, OK---Another find by Coach John Blake. His dad was a coach. Smart. Rated a two star prospect. Offered by Colorado
State and Tulsa. Had 11 sacks as senior in high school. He has a good frame to add weight on to.

Joe Ganz, QB, 6' 3", 190 Lbs., Palos Hills, IL---Committed to NU as a QB, but is more than likely going to end up as an Athlete. There is no question about his head, this young man knows football. A two star recruit, it just may take him a few years to find his spot.

Mike Huff, OL, 6' 5", 305 Lbs., Ralston, NE---Yes, he might be a project, but his heart is not. Sports a 390 bench press and a 475 Lbs. squat. Plays hard and is strong. The key is he just needs to become faster and work on his footwork.

Santino Panico, WR, 6' 0", 185 Lbs., Libertyville, IL---When it comes to hard work this kid wins. He might not have the most talent out of the 18 recruits but he will out work them all. Pure heart. He wants to hit you and hit you hard. Rated as a two star prospect. He was the Gatorade Player of the Year for Illinois. Played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl last month.

Ty Steinkuhler, DE, 6" 3", 235 Lbs., Lincoln, NE---Son of Husker Dean Steinkuhler. Rated as the 65th best DE in the nation. They say he is not done growing and he works hard like his father. The potential is within him. Just give him the training table and watch out

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