Film Review - LB, Brent Gritton

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Good aggressiveness, throughout most of the game. Wasn't fanatical by any means, but was noticeably the most animated of his defensive unit. When he's in the play, he appears to like to finish the play off with a purpose. Wasn't pursuing to the ball on every single snap with the same effort, but overall intensity was good.


One particular area Brent excels. Was very good in reading the play at the line of scrimmage and at least in this game, I didn't seem him make many mistakes on reading that play before it had fully developed. Seems to take pretty good angles of pursuit and doesn't really beat himself out there.

Getting off blocks

Another area Brent was pretty good at, not really getting caught up with his blocker. Showed a good attention to the play while still being blocked, able to fight or bounce off that block and pursue to the ball. Uses his hands well in this situation.

Point of impact

Fundamentally very sound. Doesn't try to muscle guys to the ground. Goes for the tackle and not the hit. Wrapped up well and finished off plays very well. Doesn't take a lot of chances with trying to be too physical or fancy. Works well in a crowd and does well at the LOS stopping the run. Brent isn't a brute, but makes up for that by being very sound overall.


Brent was able to read the plays well, but didn't have that instantaneous kick to the ball like you would want to see from LBs in the upper-echilon of Division 1-A. Projected as a "Mike", you can't expect a Demorrio-like kick, but from the point of reading the play to getting going full speed just took a little long.


Not bad, not great. Ran a reported 4.6 at an Ohio State camp, but "football speed" didn't translate real well. Pursues well enough, but against expectedly faster competition in college than he's facing right now, if he doesn't take great angles, he doesn't have the sheer speed to make up. Would still be effective between the tackles, but side to side speed needs improved.



Brent is a sound football player. Well coached, good instincts for the game and aggressive most of the time. I like the intelligence he shows out there, never really beating himself. Because of his lack of sheer speed for his size, he's become a very smart player, taking good angles of pursuit and once he gets the ball carrier close, he doesn't mess around with being fancy. He just gets the guy down.

Very "blue collar" and solid all-around, but for the upper-echilon of Division 1-A, he has to improve on both speed and quickness. It's really the one big thing that is keeping him away from a potentially big recruiting year for him. Brent can improve on that in the off-season and he has said that his 10 yd. run is right around 1.36, almost a full tenth better than last year, so that's a good sign.

Gritton isn't one of those kids that you just drop your jaw at in awe due to the sheer talent. He's not that kind of player. He's hard-nosed, very sound, probably be categorized by some as an overachiever. Gritton does have some solid potential though, most of it being realized if he can improve his speed and explosiveness to the ball. He's pretty sound everywhere else given the usual kind of improvements you have to make to jump to the top Division, so if he gets that speed up a couple notches this year, he could have a nice recruiting season along with what should be a prolific season as a player as well.



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