Texas QB racking up the offers already

With offers in hand already from teams like Oklahoma, Todd Walker doesn't have to worry about being one of the most watched field-generals in the south. He just has to worry now about where he's going to put all those offers as they are going to be stacking up all year.

Most high school football players going into their senior year have a whole lot of letters of interest, but few with actual written offers. That's the way it usually is as even some of the best have to wait their turn.

Todd Walker though, he's just recently got an offer from Oklahoma, expects to be offered by Arkansas in the next couple of days and those add to the ones he has already from Texas A&M, Baylor, Houston and Purdue.

As the young kids say, he's got skillz.

Walker also has some jaw-dropping physical measureables, Todd clocked at an astounding 4.28/40 in a Nike combine last year. This while still being a stout 6'2" and 185 lbs. You'd think with wheels like that, that would be his main strength. "I don't think that's all I can do." Todd said. "I think there are a lot of aspects to my game that defenses are going to have to respect."

While the Pflugerville standout did want to impress upon people his versatility over his sheer athleticism, Todd did concede that if he's in the open-field and doesn't score, something is wrong. "If I see open-field in front of me, if anyone caught me from behind, I don't know what I would do." he said. "I don't think it's ever happened before."

Because of Todd's pure blazing speed, you can expect that colleges are looking at him as more than "just" a QB. Todd isn't looking to test his versatility though and not only knows what he wants to play, but the type of offenses he wants to play in. "They have to throw a lot." Walker stated. "I want to go to a school that spreads it around and gives the QB a chance to make plays with his arm."

That certainly keeps his dad's alma mater, Texas Tech in the picture with their recent onslaughts on just about every passing record the NCAA has and Grant Walker's (Todd's brother) Purdue Boilermakers would appear to still find a nice spot on the younger Walker's early list.

Todd however did want to clarify that he's not just looking to wing it all the time, rather he's looking for the pass to be respected, because at Pflugerville, it's not necessarily the emphasis behind their success. "We are in a real run-oriented offense." Todd said. "It's a little option, but just a lot of running it and maybe a little play-action pass."

Due to the rather one-sided nature of the offense, Todd's stats of apprx. 900 yards to 700 yards passing seems understandable. The fact that he did it on a team that made it beyond the first round of the playoffs last year for the first time in their entire history, that speaks well of Todd's stats, numbers that initially don't overwhelm you upon first glance.

This year, Todd has bigger goals ahead for his team as he expects them to be a third-round contender in the end, but he's also looking at the future of recruiting, only with a much less focused eye. "With all the early attention, you think about it." Todd said of the recruiting. "I don't really have any idea though of where I want to play or what fits me the best. To be honest, I'll play anywhere in the United States."

One of the questions that will be asked over and over of Walker throughout his recruiting process will be what influence his dad having been a student at Texas Tech or his brother (Grant) being a current one and QB at Purdue will have on him overall. Todd disregarded that as a non-influence in where he will ultimately look. "They aren't trying to sell me at all." Walker stated of his immediate family pushing one school or another. "My brother went through this, so my dad has been through this and they are just letting me take everything as is comes so that it's not so crazy."

It will be crazy though as when a young man that has offers from so many right now and letters from pretty much anyone else you can imagine, the attention is only going to be that much more fierce. Add to that the fact that Todd himself is not willing to rule ANY school out within the borders of the entire country, his phone is going to be his best friend and worst enemy at times. "I know it is going to be something." Todd said of the impending crunch of recruiting attention. "My brother was recruited a lot, but not this early, so I know it's going to be hectic at times."

Just to give you an idea though of some of the parameters Todd is looking at in deciding on that future school, Walker cited a good Pre-med school would be favorable as his future is one he hopes lies somewhere in family medicine and of course, a college where the football team passes at least as much as it runs.

Outside of that, it's all-in for the Pflugerville standout and you can guarantee that by the time his senior season officially starts, at least to him, it will see like "All" of them are actually involved. His recruiting is going to get crazy.

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