Shooting Point Blank

Dear Jordan Adams, Adam Blankenship, Lance Brandenburgh, Andy Christensen, Beau Davis, Joe Ganz, Cortney Grixby, Mike Huff, Brandon Jackson, Michael Keenan, Lydon Murtha, Danny Muy, Terrence Nunn, Santino Panico, Clayton Sievers, Ty Steinkuhler, Nathan Swift, Cornelius Thomas and any other JUCOs NU welcomes along the way,

Welcome, welcome one and all to the University of Nebraska. Now, I realize that a number of you are familiar with the situation we are faced with in Lincoln. Many a controversial issue has been raised along with the occasional eyebrow and surely, there has been a large turnover the likes of which has not been seen in decades. However, where many choose to look at this as an uncertainty, an unknown, I will offer you young men the positives and the premiums.

Today, you begin life anew with a fresh slate and a clean plate. There have been individuals brought in from all over the United States brought here for very few purposes: Excel on and off the field. This is a University and one of her top goals is to see you gentlemen awarded a diploma and a new lease on life. Win and do so with dignity, pride, honor and valor. Take pride in your workmanship. As members of the University, of the State of Nebraska, you will be shown that hard work, dedication and an unwillingness to fail will serve you well into your later years. Finally, we wish to continue the legacy that was began even before Bob Devaney and even before Dana X. Bible. It started in 1869 and it will continue long past 2004. You are the seeds that are being dropped into the soil, you, the sprouts that will flourish under constant love and supervision. You will be our finest crop of all.

Now, I realize that the tasks you are about to undertake seem daunting, but my lads, rarely is something easy ever worth doing. Going the extra mile will help you gain the extra yard, pass the toughest exam and win the battles you may face on the gridiron, in the classroom or later in your years. With that said and with the goals so clearly sparkling within your eyesight, let me offer the following to you: You are now family. I've said this to recruits before and I feel it so important, I am going to repeat myself for you all. You have the Heart of Nebraska beating within your chests now. You are our brothers, our sons, our nephews and our loved ones. Yes, we may criticize, we may be harsh at times, but our love does not fade. Those who would do you ill are not truly those of whom I speak. The little boy with a #7 jersey rushing to your sides for an autograph, he is. The elderly couple who speak your names in praise of the effort shown, they are. They will be as easy to spot as the rings on your and your coaches' hands.

Even as we speak, you are being prepared an unparalleled experience within college football and college academia. The opportunities are being laid out in front of you. People who specialize in maximizing your potential physically will work with you to tap into the energies lying in wait. Those who focus on literature, arts and math will not only help to teach you the ways of the scholar-athlete, but aid you when subjects seem to run together. That's an important part of your four, five or six years at the University of Nebraska. You are never alone. I won't allow it and the people of this state will not allow it, not now, not ever. Often times in life, we are left with a feeling of "Why?" In this new era, you will only be left with feelings of friendship, of courtesy, only the humane from those who love you. I know, it sounds weird coming from a hoard of people who have never met you, but they will soon enough and they will see the same things in you that your coaches did and do.

This isn't so much about highlights and individual honors as it is about reaching your goals and improvements together, as a team. I can guarantee you all, without a doubt in my mind, that if you give your best effort, if you take the pride I speak of in your daily routine, you take advantage of that which has been given to you, then there will be nothing which you cannot accomplish. No goal will be set too high for you all. After all, as a wise person once said, "Our worry should not be that we set the bar too high and fail, but that we would set it too low and achieve." Dream your dreams and don't take the word "no" for an answer, lads. You have it all in front of you, your lives, your youth, your ability. Don't ever take them for granted because there will be 78,000+ people surrounding you and millions across the globe to remind you why not.

So, boys, here we are, ready to take the City of Lincoln in and enjoy what she has to offer. Take the time to enjoy the moments you have before entering the limits, though. Time is far too precious for us to rush anymore. The day, your day, they will come soon and you all will achieve what you were meant to achieve. Get some rest, collect your thoughts and be ready when you are called upon. You are now Cornhuskers, our Cornhuskers. Make us proud.


The Husker Nation

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