Jake Christensen ready for upcoming season

Jake just wins. Growing up as a son to a NFL quarterback, former Cincinnati Bengal quarterback Jeff Christensen, he followed and learned from a great teacher at such an early age and continues to do so. For the past two seasons, Jake Christensen has led his team to state championship.

Growing up idolizing Steve Young, Jake Christensen, liked Steve's competitiveness and the way he played. Steve Young was one of the pioneering dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL. Jake may be the modern day dual-threat quarterback.

At 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds Christensen can still run a 4.6 second 40-yard dash. His strength is incredible boasting a 265 pound bench press and a 405 pound bench press.

Last year Jake threw for passed for 3,350 yards, 36 TDs and was picked off just six times. On the rushing side it is a little more difficult to pinpoint how many yards he rushed for, but he estimated about 400 yards and for seven touch downs. All of that while leading Lockport (IL) to their second state title in a row.

"This year we are aiming for winning conference," Christensen said. "Last year we didn't even win conference. But, maybe without losing that game we don't win state either."

Last year Jake hauled in the honors. He walked away with all-state first team honors, he was voted by the Chicago Sun and the Chicago Star as the Player of the Year and also won various other all-state honors.

Teams have taken notice. While you probably would need a mid-size truck to carry his post-season awards you would probably need a dump-truck to carry of the mail he gets on a weekly basis from various schools.

"I am getting mail from Purdue, Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern, Michigan State, Michigan, Illinois, and Arkansas. I'd say that Iowa sends the most."

All in all, Jake is holding three offers and is expecting more. "All of the coaches have said that they will offer based on my camp performance. They like to see their quarterbacks personally."

To this point Arkansas, Northwestern and Michigan State have all offered Jake. A couple of others are very close.

They type of teaching and mentoring Jake has received growing up is invaluable. The son of a NFL quarterback and playing the quarterback position himself. He has been receiving tips since he began walking practically.

"It's just been great. I've had someone to come and talk to for advice, someone to vent to and to help me work on some things. It's been a great reference to me. He was teaching me since I was born to play this position."

Jake right now has the list narrowed a bit and is keying in on Arkansas, Purdue, Michigan State, Iowa and Nebraska as his favorites.

He began talking about the changing in offense and the hire of Bill Callahan at Nebraska. "That's huge for me. That their fan base. They've been sold out for every home game it seems since forever. I want to go to a game there and get a good feel for Coach Callahan and their new offense."

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