Brandon Duncan sets sights on Senior season

Teams love linebackers that fly to the ball. That is just Brandon Duncan's style. His attacking style of play and aggressiveness is what teams are looking for. Brandon is so athletic though he may find himself playing safety this fall.

Brandon Duncan has the size to play linebacker at 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds. He also has the speed to play the linebacker position as well as the safety and wide receiver positions he may find himself lining up at this fall at 4.6 seconds.

It doesn't bother Duncan though where he lines up at on the football field. Ask him and he will be the first to tell you that their team defense needed to improve when it came to defending the pass. He may just be the man for the job.

"I'd say that my biggest strength is my 'want to'", Duncan said. "I'm always the guy that is flying to the ball. I have got to be physical."

"I'm aggressive. I go to the ball at all times. I'm real physical. I'm not that physically strong, but I use what I have real well."

So far Duncan has been hearing the most from Iowa, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Arkansas. His top teams though are Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Iowa.

If he could, Duncan would like to stay a bit closer to home when it comes to picking a school. Distance will not be the only thing that Duncan will look at when it comes to deciding which school to attend, but it will be an important one.

"I want to check out the city and see if I fit in. I would also like to see aboutthe prgram itself. I'm going to also take a look at the academics. Then I am going to look at the coaching staff."

This summer Brandon isn't sure what camps he will be attending with his friends, but he will be attending camps. He is going to work on his strength and on the track to improve his speed and quickness.

"We've got some pretty small guys this season. We need to get them bigger and stronger. We were all big last year. We lost a lot of size. We need to beef up. We should do alright this year in districts considering the realignment we just had."

Last year the Patriots of Garland Lakeview Centennial were led by two seniors, Cedric Dockery and James McClinton. This year seems that same will hold true with Barry Dillard and Brandon Duncan leading the way.

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