Harrison Beck - One of the best QBs in the East

He's already being touted as one of the better QB prospects in the southeast. With 5 written offers, the popularity of Harrison Beck seems to be only starting to catch fire. Considering who some of those offers are from, that fire could turn into an inferno before the season even begins.

Life is good for one, Harrison Beck. Coming off the best year he's had as a starting QB thus far, Beck tallied apprx. 2,300 yards passing, 21 touchdowns, 9 interceptions and added 150 yards on the ground.

In addition, his team bettered their previous season record of 6-4 by going 8-2 in the regular season, winning the district championship for 4A-9 and made it all the way to the regional finals before bowing out to the eventual state champ.

You would assume then that it's all positives for Harrison and company as Beck heads into his final year looking to better himself and for the competition, that's probably scary.

Aside from the impressive passing stats listed above, Beck also was exceedingly efficient posting a 60+ percentage in completions throughout the season.

Throw all that into a 6'3" and 200 lbs. frame with an almost 300 lbs. bench and over a 400 lbs. squat, you got yourself a potential star.

Actually, it's hardly potential as some great teams are already taking notice. During a time where only the best of the perceived best are getting even a couple of offers, Beck can already count Virginia, Purdue, N.C. State, Nebraska and Arizona as the early list that promises to get much larger and probably in short order.

It's surprising to Beck if only because of the timing of the offers coming in. "I was thinking that I would get them around Spring ball or after." Harrison said. "I was a little surprised that they came this early in the year."

You'll notice that Harrison didn't say he was surprised about the offers coming at all. Beck's stats notwithstanding, he's a gamer from whistle to whistle. "I hate to lose." Harrison said. "I just hate it. I am really competitive and I'll do anything it takes to get a win."

An attitude befitting Harrison not just because of himself, but of the one quarterback he would like to most emulate as he matures. "Brett Favre is definitely the quarterback I look up to." Beck stated. "He's tough, can move a lot for someone that's not real fast and if there is a way to get you the ball, he'll do it, especially when it matters the most."

"It's not pretty, but he always finds a way to get someone the ball."

Beck concedes a little "gunslinger" resides in him, Harrison stating that he had the confidence to put that ball wherever it needed to be. Beck also stated something else that puts him in a very Favre-like category, one very appropriate to those with a "go for broke" mentality. "I can throw the ball standing flat-foot about sixty-five yards." Harrison said. "If I take a step, I can get it over seventy."

"And, I love throwing it deep."

Part of Beck's passion for the position will no doubt determine what college he ultimately chooses, Beck not desirous of going to a school that doesn't do what he's become quite fond of over his career. "I'm a QB, I like to throw." Beck stated. "I want to go to an offense that throws the ball."

Nowadays, that still leaves Harrison's options fairly wide-open, very few "run-only" teams left on the landscape. And, in that ironic tone, the most touted run-only team in the last twenty years is expecting Beck and his father on an unofficial visit this weekend. "Yeah, me and my dad are going to Nebraska this weekend to visit." he said. "We just want to check the campus out and everything."

You have to wonder what a young man so prolific at passing thinks of a team that for the first time this year will abandon a game that Beck himself wouldn't have looked twice at, as a potential recruit. "It's intriguing." Beck said of possibly playing at Nebraska. "They have a new offense, one just like I play in high school and they don't have a lot of quarterbacks suited for that yet."

"I don't care about weather or distance, so Nebraska is an intriguing team."

The early assumption could be that the five schools that have offered Beck represent his top five teams. While Beck does admit to "some" affection for N.C. State, he's not even close to picking any favorites, because he thinks that there should be a lot more to pick from before his season even begins. "I am going to be going to camps and making visits." Harrison said. "A lot of schools to look at that I like or know something about, there's just no way I could say I have any favorites right now."

While Beck does state that he's definitely waiting on Spring to work it's way through and see where he's at in regards to recruiting, he's not totally ruling out an early decision just yet. "I'm just going to have to see how everything plays out." he said. "If there are a bunch of offers before football starts, I might choose early, but I don't know. I guess it will depend on how I feel."

And how does Harrison feel about being one of the more touted signal-callers on the eastern side of the country? "I don't worry about stuff like that." he said. "I just worry about getting better, making my team better and for us to make it to the state title game this year. The rest of that stuff doesn't really matter to me."

Look for Harrison's name to climb the charts even before his last season of high school football begins. Some teams have already taken notice, but chances are, his list is going to grow leaps and bounds before his senior year even officially begins. And, we'll keep in touch with Harrison of course, especially after his visit this weekend to see how everything went.

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