Not what I thought

I've been waiting for it. I've been waiting for that Surge. That surge of a comeback that spurns the fans into a frenzy and sends the experts clamoring about for a re-analysis of cemented predictions. I was looking for it and this weekend, I thought I had seen it.

After seeing the final score of the Kansas State/Iowa State game, I thought KSU got out of the toilet and started playing real ball. Not great ball mind you (look who they were playing), but enough of a performance in one game to make the point spread diminish and the experts waver on their predictions of dominance of Nebraska across the board.

After seeing that score against the Clones, I thought in my mind, "this figures they would finally do something just when they are about to play us", but I took a look at the Box Score.

Yes, Roberson lit it up on the ground and KSU shut ISU about as down as you can shut them, but what Roberson did in the air made me smile just a bit. 4-12 for 72 yards passing. I don't know about you, but if that doesn't scream a one-dimensional output, what could?

When I first saw Roberson play, I thought that with time this season, he could develop some experience in the passing department and everyone knew he could run. Granted, a running QB usually has given NU fits in recent history, but they usually do have something else to offer or it's just not going to happen.

For the entire game, Kansas State had 88 yards passing. Even by NU standards in respect to airing it out, this is barely even feeble.

Nebraska usually tries to make a team one-dimensional, but if this is the K. State we are going to see, it looks like they are doing it for us and what they have left is the ground attack and nobody has a ground attack against the blackshirts.

Allowing not even 80 yards a game on the ground, Nebraska ranks among the very best in the country. When talking about total defense, Nebraska is nothing to sneeze at either. Oh yeah, Nebraska leads the nation in scoring defense as well.

This will be the best rush defense K. State has faced and they will be bringing in a rush-heavy attack. Mark one up for NU before the game has even started.

But, what about K. State's defense? They rank ahead of NU in rushing defense and total defense. Maybe we should be fearing what their defense can do to us..........or maybe not. Against CU, (the highest ranked rushing offense they have faced thus far), CU managed almost 200 yards running the pigskin. If that's what they allow CU, NU is looking better by the minute.

K. State has been very good against the rush overall, allowing less than 50 yards on the ground to Iowa State and not even 10 yards total rushing to OU, but Nebraska runs, runs and runs it some more and I am sure K. State doesn't need to be reminded about how physical NU can be.

All this being said, there is the factor that this is a "payback" game. Bad coaching, bad execution and bad weather were just a few of the factors people blamed for the bitter defeat at Kansas State last season and no matter how good or how bad KSU appears, people have been pointing to this game as THE one they want to see blood drawn the worst. Whip the Wildcats and send them back into the cellar where they belong.

Is that going to happen? Are the Wildcats now the hapless cats as they try to gain some pride back from a that four-game losing streak that all but destroyed any title hopes they had or are they now more dangerous to NU simply because of that fact. The cornered animal is the most feared animal indeed.

Kansas State is dangerous. Nobody can discount the evident talent even if it is youthful. Given the fact that this is that one game they can get their whole season back on, they become even more of a threat. Kansas State has nothing to lose while Nebraska risks a national title and what would a KSU fan want more than not just another victory over NU, but another that blows them right out of title contention?

That makes a Husker fan nervous as well it should, but this is not last season's Kansas State, but more importantly, this isn't last season's NU team. Combine that with a one-more-year seasoned Frank Solich and KSU's chances just went from "a punchers" to little at all.

What Kansas State relies on this season thus far is just what teams haven't been able to really do against NU. They stop the rush and rush it themselves. That's NU's game. That's what they are better at than anyone in the country.

Nebraska is the "pipeline" and the "blackshirts" once again and Kansas State is a dangerous team, but a team who's weaknesses fall straight into the crosshairs of what Nebraska has been kicking the crap out of everyone else with.

Nebraska runs and doesn't let anyone else do the same. They are conservative but then again, they might just throw in a double-reverse. Hell, with this year's Nebraska, you really don't' know what you are going to get, except of course for a win.

So, in this "brief" analysis, KSU gets whacked at Memorial by 4 touchdowns .

Nebraska 41 Kansas State 10

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