The best dual-threat QB in the country?

His stats? Ridiculous. His versatility? Obvious. Many are the accolades lofted upon him, the future "Mr. Louisiana" for football being one of them, an award he finished second in as a junior. Accolades are often subjective though, so what people want is substance. How does 25 written offers sound for substance? Sold? Perrilloux will be one of the most recruited kids in the country this year.

Over 2,600 yards passing, throwing for almost 30 touchdowns and only being picked 5 times. Apprx. 1,500 yards rushing while scoring 21 touchdowns on the year. How do you understate the term "dual-threat" QB?

Ryan Perrilloux is how.

"I think there's nothing I can't do out there." Ryan Perrilloux said. "It's not all just me though because you can't do anything by yourself."

Ryan is certainly right about that and he didn't, the All-Everything, Derron Thomas one of Louisiana's best running backs, along with East St. John's second most prolific receiver. Combine that with Reggie Joseph's almost 1,000 yards in receiving and double-digit touchdown total, it's certainly a good illustration of Perrilloux's acknowledgment of the help he received on the year.

With that being said, you still can't discount the gaudy numbers that this 6'3" 200 lbs. weapon was able to put up.

The gaudiest numbers though, believe it or not aren't those garnered on the field, but those garnered "because" of what he did on the field, those coveted written offers. The last count before I talked to Ryan was 20, but laughing a bit, Ryan stated that he had more than that, just not at his house. "I keep forgetting them at school." Ryan said. "I got them in my locker and I just keep putting them in there and keep forgetting to bring them home to put with the rest."

Five total Ryan thinks he has sitting in his locker and it's really quite funny when a young man can talk about so many offers, so early in the year as if they are simply letters he might get in the mail. Yeah, he's getting those to and a lot of them. "I can't even tell you how many letters I get a week." he said. "It's a lot, I know that. More than I want to count."

For anyone that follows Louisiana prep-football, the attention Perrilloux is getting is hardly a surprise. A runner-up only to Chris Markey last year for best player in the state honors, the odds have been in Ryan's favor to take that trophy home with him in his final year of prep-ball.

It's not that title he's worried about though, rather grabbing yet another title to go with the one East St. John won during his junior year. "The numbers and awards are nice, but I don't know a player that anyone respects that talks about that more than they do winning state titles." he said. "That's what we all really want and when you get one, you want another before you are done."

People would find it refreshingly ironic when you ask Ryan about what it will take for him to bring yet another title home to his school. Ryan has a decidedly realistic outlook. "It takes good players." he said. "Everyone think that when you put up numbers like I did, I can do a lot on my own, but that's not happening."

"You have to have great players around you and we had so many this last season, it was so much fun. I might look good sometimes because my receivers were going out there and diving for balls and pulling them in."

As a recruiting fan, you are no doubt hoping that humbleness sustains itself throughout what will most likely be another very prolific year for the St. John's standout. Ryan isn't worried about that however, because he's seen plenty of accolades thus far, but gratefully dismisses them all. "You can't pay attention to that." Ryan said. "If you start believing your own hype, that's when you stop trying for more. You stop getting better and pretty soon everyone else is passing you by. You can't start feeling real good about yourself because all that can change in the next game."

The accolades will keep coming though as will those offers, some already coming from such teams as Texas, Nebraska, Miami, Alabama and Florida State.

And, there's a reputation that some of the better Louisiana players have in that they either stay in-state or head next door to Texas, the Horns and Tigers often trading some of the better state prospects year to year.

Ryan admits that those two schools are definitely in the running, but wanted people to know that it's not about the school as it is about the situation they have. "If I see a school that has good receivers, good coaches and players that want to win, that's the kind of situation I like." he said. "Texas and LSU are obviously high on my list, but there's a lot of teams like Mississippi State, Nebraska and others that could have just as good of situations for me."

"I'm not looking for a name so much as I am just looking for what fits me and my needs the best."

His needs? What does a player that seems to be able to do everything really need? According to Perrilloux, what he needs is to get better. Yes, better. "I'm not even close to my potential." he said. "I can be so much better this year than I was last year, because I have worked on a lot of things over the off-season."

"I'm getting my forty down (said his best is a 4.5 flat), trying to get my accuracy up (was apprx. 55% on the season) and just trying to be a smarter player overall. There's so much I can improve on before I can feel comfortable with how I am playing."

Going on close to 30 written offers, there's already plenty of schools that are pretty comfortable with what Ryan can do already. And the future looks comfortable for him and not-so-comfortable for anyone his team will eventually face.

As for the recruiting war that is no doubt going to be a frenzy even before his season starts, Perrilloux kept what I would consider an expectedly level head. "I know it's going to be crazy." Perrilloux stated. "I know there's going to be a lot of people watching, people calling when they can and all that stuff."

"I'm not going to worry about it though and just try to enjoy it while it lasts. But, the attention doesn't make me a better football player. That's all I am worried about right now."

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