Harrison Beck - back from Lincoln

One of the top quarterbacks in the south, Harrison Beck is already starting on exploring the recruiting trail. The first stop? Lincoln, Nebraska and Harrison talked about his visit to see the Cornhuskers.

"They are definitely a more serious team for me."

Those were the comments from Harrison Beck as he was on his way back from his unnoficial visit to Nebraska. "When I first went there, I was just think about them as a team that needed a QB to run that offense, but after i saw the offense they ran and the fact that it was just like the one I run, I was looking at them a lot more than before."

Being the only visitor, Harrison was given the red carpet treatment or as much as he could given the fact that it was indeed an unofficial. Harrison was impressed though. "I didn't know what to really expect." Beck said of the atmosphere of the town and campus. "I got there and the campus was nice, Nebraska reminded me a lot of North Carolina and I was just real impressed with everything I saw."

Harrison said that while on campus, he got to meet most if not all of the coaches that were present for his trip in, but as you might guess, he clicked with the guy that could one day be his position coach. "Coach Norvell was real nice." he said. "He showed me film of what they wanted to do and I knew a lot of those plays, because that was exactly what I do on my offense."

Beck stated that before he went to Lincoln, they were more intriguing than seriously interesting as a school he might consider for the future. After his visit though, Harrison has a different frame of mind. "There was just so much there that I was surprised with, but in a good way." Harrison said. "Nebraska is definitely on my list."

Aside from Nebraska, Beck is considering all of the Florida powerhouses and a host of others at this point.

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