Junior to Watch - TE/DE, Everett Brown

400 yards receiving on offense, 110 tackles on defense, Everette Brown is the illustration of your two-way standout. With an offer already on the table, the table itself is set for a fun recruiting season for brown, even before the actual football season begins.

You throw him the ball, Everette Brown averages almost twenty yards per catch. You put him on defense, Brown averaged almost double-digits per game. That's not terribly odd, but for someone 6'4" and close to 240 lbs., playing both the RE and TE positions, it's certainly not the norm. 110 tackles for a rush end is simply uncommon. "I like to get after it." Brown said of the ball when it is in play. "I started to see early on in the season that they weren't going to go my way anymore, so I just started catching them from behind."

Any coach will tell you that being able to stop a running back before he has a chance to turn the ball up-field is crucial. Because of that, they will also tell you that any rush end that is capable of bringing these backs down from behind before they can indeed stretch the play out for a big gain, that is a bonus any coach wants to have.

Brown has actually played more than just RE and TE, his coach playing him as an inside backer in a 4-4 scheme, his coach once stating that because the other team always ran away from him, it was important to have him there.

You'd think that would create a dilemma for Brown, which side of the ball he would desire to play. That particular decision didn't take Everett long to evaluate. "Defense." he said. "Defense, you can just kind of let it fly and see what happens. From where I play, you basically just figure out where the ball is and go that direction. It's pretty simple. If a player has it, go get 'em."

Everett did want to qualify that though saying that his size, not his desire might dictate just what position he may look to play at the next level. "If I stay right where I am at, probably defense." he said. "If I grow though, maybe tight end. I guess I will just have to see how that goes."

The letters have been coming from all over, stated Brown, schools from close and those from afar, sending him this and that, just to let him know they are going to be around. The one offer in writing thus far is from Duke, a school not even an hour from Brown's residence.

Proximity though, it's not necessarily a consideration for the Beddingfield standout even with such schools as N.C. State and North Carolina also looming as teams that could offer the young man before it's all said and done. "I'm not really thinking about distance right now." Everett said. "It's kind of too early to think about any of that."

It is indeed and his goals for this off-season aren't recruiting goals at all. "Get faster, maybe get bigger and hopefully we can have a great season." Brown said of topping his team's prior 10-3 year. "I guess if I do that, the recruiting attention will probably be there."

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