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Film Review: WR - Tony Gulla, Austin (TX) Westlake High School


Tony does a good job of catching the ball away from his body, but always does a good job of catching the ball first and then running. Switches hands as well when it was appropriate to do so.

Has great concentration for the ball. Despite tight man coverage and safety help, Tony never shied away from being hit and never took his eyes off of the ball. Even falling down Tony never lost the football.

Doesn't look real fast. Is deceptively quick though for being a 4.5 kid. Will get to top gear quickly, but last separation speed or true acceleration.

Tony caught a lot of first downs his junior year. He's very aware of where he is on the field and how far he needs to go to move the chains.

Caught a variety of passes from different release points from the line of scrimmage. Tony caught screens, floods, outs, posts, crossing and fly patterns. Ran patterns from a variety of different positions such as the wide out, slot, wing back and even from the backfield.

Not afraid of contact. At 6-foot-0, Tony is very well put together and can run over cornerbacks as well as most safeties. He normally delivers the blow to the defensive players versus waiting to be hit. He runs very hard with the ball and is not normally tackled by just one player.


Does all of the little things right. He's a blue-collar about how he plays the wide receiver position. May not be known to hurt you deep, but can and can compliment a true "big-play", speedier split-end in the middle of the field. He can nickel and dime you to death in the middle of the field. He's very sound fundamentally.

Reminds me of a young Jon Bostick, but he many not be quite as fast as Jon. Has a lot of the same characteristics like running good patterns, good hands and reading defenses. Tony may be a little quicker than Jon was.

Could also say that Tony looks a lot like Wayne Chrebet. He's not going to be the go-to, big-play receiver. He can stretch the field when asked to, but his ability to catch the ball in coverage, go across the middle and to go up for it would leave a coach to want to keep him in the slot position.

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