Kelly adds another offer to stockpile!

Wide receiver, Malcolm Kelly normally receoves 10 pieces of mail daily from various universities. He is up to eight offers and has set a top four!

Life is good being the No. 1 rated wide receiver in the state of Texas. Malcolm Kelly on the latest Texas Hot 100 came in at No. 3. His plan is to make it to No. 1.

"Who is No. 1 anyway? That big tight end?" Kelly asked. "They can all just wait to see how I do. I lost a little weight and my 40 time is crazy."

His latest 40 was a 4.43. Not bad. It was great considering Kelly came in a hair below being 6-foot-4 and weighed in at 204 pounds.

On an average day Malcolm is getting 10 pieces of mail to the house. He is already up to eight offers as well and is expecting more. He is holding offers from Texas, Texas Tech, Iowa, Nebraska, LSU, Tennessee, Houston, and Oklahoma.

These schools are taking notice of the wide receiver from Longview (TX) High School that had 26 receptions last year for 826 yards. He averaged over 30 yards per catch and hauled in six touchdowns.

It isn't' tough for Malcolm to put a finger on his biggest strength when it comes to playing the wide receiver position. "I would want to say my size, but it's my speed. If the ball is thrown downfield to me it's a touchdown."

He liked to watch Roy Williams play at Texas. So does that mean that he is a big Texas fan?

"I used to be. They didn't use Roy Williams enough this past year," Kelly said. "My favorites right now are LSU, USC, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Those are the four that I am concentrating on."

So where does a team like Nebraska fit into the picture?

"I guess that you could say that I like the fact that they got a new offense. It may take a year or two to see the whole offense though. I guess that they brought in some quarterbacks last year to help them out. I may still consider them this year based on what I see."

One thing is for sure. Nebraska is doing all of the right things recruiting Kelly. Just ask him about the big package he got.

"When I opened the package there was just a regular letter. I thought it was too thick though to just have one letter so then I looked again. There were 10 or 11 other letters. It was sort of crazy. That was the first time I had that happen."

Although taking an official to Nebraska is not in the plans right now for Kelly, it is possible. "I might take an official there. I've been to Texas so many times already. My brother played there."

Kelly's brother is Chris Butcher. Chris was at Austin from 1995-98 and played defensive back and safety for the Longhorns although he was recruited as a running back.

This summer Malcolm is not planning on attending any camps. In fact his plans are to stay in Longview, get bigger and faster. He is also planning on working on his underneath game. Look out Texas Hot 100 No. 1!

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