OL, Craig Roark - FILM REVIEW

Craig Roark could be one of the better line prospects you see this year. Check out our film review of OL, Craig Roark.

FILM REVIEW: OL - Craig Roark


Off the hinges. And just to let you know how that's perceived by those that put the highlight film together, the first highlight of the film was of Craig blocking a guy downfield, putting him into the ground and after the play was over, Roark promptly sending an unsuspecting player about two feet out of bounds............through the air. Craig is intense. Off the hook at times, but there's no doubting his energy out there.

Off the line

It's not bad. Not the best I have seen as Craig just doesn't explode into his guy, but it's ok and should get better once he gets to the next level.

Point of Impact

There's an old saying about some linemen that when they get their hands on you, it's over. That saying applies quite aptly to Roark. He's simply a force once he gets into his guy and granted, this was a highlight film, but Craig showed the upper hand in every instance, even against some guys much bigger than he was and yes, he played against one guy that was MUCH bigger than he was. As said above, Craig doesn't explode into his guy, but once he's there, he doesn't give the guy a chance to compensate.

Beyond Point of impact

 There weren't too many instances of Roark actually having to move downfield much after his initial block. Many times, the play was either already by him or over and basically, not many plays within the highlight looked like they demanded Roark to get off his guy and head down field to find another. In the instances he was asked to do that, Roark showed good control of his body, being able to use his hands effectively in executing the block, while still being able to maintain his momentum downfield. Craig also showed pretty good speed in getting downfield on the play. Overall, his ability to get beyond the point of impact wasn't the cleanest, but again, there wasn't many examples, so that might not be the most accurate read on his overall capability.


Like the blocks downfield, this tape didn't have a lot of examples of Craig blocking in pure-passing situations. Trutfully, though Craig showed fairly good technique, he didn't seem overly comfortable in these situations. Roark used his hands pretty well in pushing off the defensive lineman and was able to use his feet fairly well in trying to stay in front of his guy as well. If there is one area that Roark will have to work on, it's here and I would assume that most of the work will be just in doing it, rather than learning how to do it.


If you can bench 360 and squat 450, you are strong, but believe it or not, Craig looks like he plays stronger than that. Forget his technique (which is solid) at the point of impact, if Roark can't use his hands and feet to adjust his man out of the way, he's just going to throw him down like a rag doll. Something he did on repeated occassions during this film. Even against much larger guys, Roark was able to get leverage and literally bull-rush these guys right out of the play. The times where he had his man in front of him and suddenly, his guy was laying on his back, well, they were numerous to be sure.


Point-blank, from what I saw on this tape, this is how it's done. You could have almost created a template from the first time Craig came off the line in running situations as his body was virtually identical every time, regardless of the size of the guy he was taking on. Head down a bit, body bent over and just pushing straight through his man. Only once did I see Craig get even remotely stood up and he still won that battle in the end. Craig does a solid job of getting into his man at the right level and driving through the guy or using leverage if need be.



You want a run-blocking machine, look no further than Craig Roark. Great pad-level means a good advantage at the point of impact and few you will see finish off blocks better than this young man. He's absolutely physical and tenacious once he gets into his man and you will simply not see him give up.

 Craig combines good technique, brute strrength and a spit-fire mind-set when he's out there. The great thing about any "cons" I have about Roark is that most of it is simply a product of the system he's currently in. And, the explosiveness off the line, that's something you can improve significantly in the right program.

This young man is solid and more importantly, his up-side is pretty darn significant. Roark will no doubt be one of better all around linemen you will see, but in regards to run-blocking, he could be one of the best.




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