MSL Combine in New Orleans, but no star shined brighter than that of East St. John Quarterback Ryan Perrilloux."> MSL Combine in New Orleans, but no star shined brighter than that of East St. John Quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.">

Louisiana's Brightest Star Shines at MSL

There were several star players at the <a href="">MSL Combine</a> in New Orleans, but no star shined brighter than that of East St. John Quarterback <b>Ryan Perrilloux</b>.

Ryan Perrilloux was the player in Louisiana that I had heard most about before setting foot in New Orleans, and as always, it's fun to see for myself what all of the talk is about. "Every time I opened up the news paper on Saturday mornings, there was Ryan Perrilloux scoring four touchdowns," said Bob Palcic of the New Orleans Saints. "He's supposed to be the real deal."

Perrilloux lived up to the advanced billing... and then some.

Arm strength is a varying talent obviously. There are strong arms, and then there is Ryan Perrilloux type of strong. Not only can you hear the ball spinning through the air, it arrives at the receiver on target and in a hurry. Who better to ask than the players catching the passes?

"Man, they should let Ryan go last," said Courtney Smith of John F. Kennedy when doing a rapid fire drill for the receivers. "Your hands are hurting after catching his passes."

Perrilloux had the best overall camp performance that I've seen since I watched Chris Leak throw lasers all over Athens, GA in 2002. He was on the money on deep routes, posts, seams, quick outs, and deep curls. He doesn't have to put a lot of arc on the ball to hit the 20 yard out pattern. It arrives on target, and it arrives in a hurry. He is one of the rare players that I could focus on the wide receiver and know who was throwing the ball just by how it arrived without actually seeing the quarterback.

Perrilloux stood out above the rest at the camp, but how does he perform under the lights? I got film of him while I was in New Orleans, and a camp setting does not do Perrilloux justice.

He is nearly as good of a runner as he is a passer. He has quarterback draw plays in his repertoire, but generally, he uses his elusiveness to buy time to find the open receiver. He is a defense's nightmare. Rushing defensive linemen can't catch him, and he has the arm strength to find an open receiver anywhere on the field. Defensive backs are not able to stay with their men when Perrilloux buys the kind of time he can with his feet. On one throw, he took one step and threw the ball 57 yards on a line to an open receiver.

Perrilloux is a weapon. More importantly, he is a pleasure to be around. Everything at the camp was "yes sir" and "no sir" with him. So much of being a quarterback is being able to inspire teammates and manage the team. He has the personality that spreads confidence to those around him without being arrogant.

It was a pleasure to meet Ryan Perrilloux, and it was a pleasure to watch him at the MSL Combine and on Tape. I will have video clips of both next week. But first... Here are some pictures of the future 1st Team All-South Quarterback in action.

Perrilloux is ready to take his turn in the next drill

Drops Back

Standing Tall Ready to Fire

Spotting the Target

Coming at you live

Fires Downfield

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