Touted Texas talent looks to the future

Brandon Tatum is one of TheInsiders' top 100 prospects out of the Lonestar state this year. Playing from the safety position not being enough for him though, Tatum will be playing that and running back for Dunbar this year. Those are just two positions and considering some of this young man's measurements, you'll see why he could be recruited for those and possibly three more. Tatum will be a certain two-way standout this year.

Right now, it's not about football, but track. For many football players at the skill positions, track is just as busy for them as life when the football regular season arrives.

Such can be said for Brandon Tatum as he's a competitor this year in the 4x200 relay and the long jump.

The long jump wasn't actually his idea, but his coaches' and based on his vertical, you can see why. "I think my best vertical is around 44 inches." Tatum stated. "My coach was like, ‘you need to be a long-jumper', so that's what I am doing right now."

This coming weekend will be the very first event Tatum has competed in that particular event.

The 44 inch vertical is impressive enough to make your jaw drop, but when you add in his height (6'1"), weight (200), the forty time (4.43 hh), bench (305) and squat (495), that pretty much tells you what kind of overall athlete you are dealing with.

Thus the move back to running back, a position Brandon played as a freshman and much of the inspiration for many of the goals he has this year aside from his team improving on their lackluster 4-win season this last year. "I'm excited to play running back again." he said. "I'm hoping I can lead the district in rushing and grab like six or seven picks."

The six or seven would be 4 or 5 better than his performance last year, but as Tatum stated, he was tried at cornerback last year, but found his true calling at the position he holds now. "I like to hit people." Brandon said. "I am good at playing the ball and I like it when I can see the field. So, playing cornerback wasn't for me."

That's probably one of only a smattering of positions that some colleges will see Tatum NOT suited for as his athleticism will allow him to project at nearly every skill position on either side of the ball.

That's what has prompted the letters to come in from as Tatum stated, almost all of the Big Twelve and from schools as far coastal as the University of Florida.

His location and the fact that his brother is currently on the team begs the question, is Tatum simply waiting for an offer to come from Texas before he makes that final and ultimate decision? "Texas is number one." Tatum stated. "There's no doubt about that right now. But, so many things change and maybe I see a school that fits what I do better or I enjoy the visit there more."

"I can't say I would commit to Texas right now if they offered because I still want to look around and see what some other schools are about."

Some of those other schools could be Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Tatum said that he wasn't ready to rule anyone else at this time. "It's not like I need to decide tomorrow." he said. "I've got some time to check out a lot of schools, so we'll see what we'll see."

Tatum currently has a reported 3.1 GPA and is scheduled to take his SAT towards the end of this month.

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