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FILM REVIEW, Michael Ray Garvin


It is really tough to say where you'd play Michael Ray Garvin. You'd like to have three or more of him on the field at once. His speed is incredible and his strength is borderline freakish for a man his size. He nearly bench presses 300 pounds while only weighing 180 pounds. You can tell that he is that strong too by the way that he will come up and support the run from his defensive back position or by the way he covers punts.

Last year honors:

First Team All-State - NFLF Tri State and College Football Hall of Fame, First Team Defense All-State, First Team Defense All-County, and First Team Defense All-League

Wide Receiver:

Catches the ball well with his hands. Catches the ball first before making his move. Nobody can stay with him on his routes for a couple of reasons. First, he makes the break on his routes when he is supposed to. Second, if there is someone there to the break they aren't there afterward because of his speed. Caught the ball all over the field running a variety of different patterns. Defenses have to account for him on every play. As a decoy on fake reverses entire defenses would be flowing with him on the fake hand off only to have the quarterback roll out away from where Garvin is going. His big-play ability demands a defense's respect.

Running Back:

Never got caught to the corner. Lightning quick. Not only is he a 4.32 40 kid, but he hits the top gear in a hurry. After the corner was turned he was never caught. Runs equally well between the tackles by not shying away from contact. As a speed guy you might think that he would look to avoid the hit. Garvin would sometimes initiate the hit. Very solid runner.

Special Teams:

Covered and blocked punts equally well. Had two blocks in one game where he could have just tackled the punter. On punt coverage as a gunner was in the returner's face as he caught the ball. The up-man would be waiting for the returner to catch the ball only to miss Garvin running past him.

Defensive Back:

Plays well in space as well as in man to man coverage. One particular play, his made an out and up route. Garvin was with him on the out and the up. Michael even came away with the interception on that particular play. Although Michael bit on the out, was never out of the play or had to play catch-up with his man. Ran with him step for step on the entire route. He's a very sure tackler in the open field. Will come up and support the run. Running backs who think that they can get the corner find out quickly on Garvin's side that they can't. What would have also have been long touch down runs last year turned out to only be long gains. If it meant Garvin had to come from the opposite side of the field to run down a running back loose in the secondary he could do it. Unbelievable speed. Moves his hips as good as anyone I have seen in coverage and changing directions.


Is totally aggressive throughout the tape; on offense, defense and special teams. His speed is incredible and makes the opposing team make note of where he is on the field at all times, regardless of who has the ball. Garvin can shut down the best wide receiver on the field or make a huge catch or run. Is a playmaker from wherever he is on the field.

His game films are only a quarter and half long so getting colleges a full game tape will be tough. His team last year probably won each game by an average margin of 40 points except for the championship game.

His film is totally impressive. Garvin is a top five athlete in the nation this fall and should be rated five stars. I have not seen speed on the field like this in a long, long time.

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