Dace Richardson gets Nebraska offer

Dace Richardson is now holding nine offers and he may now be achieving what he was hoping to do. Dace isn't from the Midwest here originally. He was originally from California and before this week the schools that he was only had offers from were in the "Big 10 region".

Dace Richardson is a big man. The pre-season All-American comes in at 6-foot-6 and 300 pounds. What you can't measure on him is what is selling this kid to America, his aggressiveness.

Richardson is not a friendly adversary. Ask him and he will tell you. "I'm pretty aggressive", Richardson said, "when it comes to being my foe I'm not your friend."

Dace may have to be reminded to take his neck of opposing defensive lineman every now and again, but he always remembers to check his mail. Letters have been flooding this senior-to-be from Wheaton (Ill.) South High School.

To date, Richardson has nine offers. He is currently holding offers from Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Kentucky, Michigan State, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin and the latest to offer was Nebraska.

"I really don't have a favorite right now. I'm trying to get some west coast teams to come in on me like USC and UCLA. That's my home town."

Richardson was originally from California. He moved to Illinois when he was in the sixth grade. He isn't holding out for a UCLA or USC offer per say, but it would be nice. He has some ideas what he is looking for in a college.

"I'm looking for that best fit. I'm trying to find what school I can call home. I am looking at academics first and football prestige. I am thinking about majoring in marketing or business management."

Although Richardson doesn't claim a leader from the teams that have offered him he says that Iowa and Wisconsin are standing out in front of the rest.

"Iowa really made sure to me that I was one of their top priorities. Iowa has been sending me mail about their offensive line and they put players in to the NFL. Wisconsin sends me mail about the same things. They talk a lot more about their graduation rates. That is really important to me and my family."

This summer Dace wants to be active with going to camps, but he wants to go to the right camps. The right camps aren't necessarily sponsored by anyone or at a particular school. The right camps will be formatted properly.

"I will try to go to some camps. I want to spend as many camps as I can though with my team. My main focus is on high school right now and that is it. When this season is over I will start thinking about college. We were 8-4 last year and lost in the quarterfinals of the playoffs. We are returning our entire offensive line. Everyone is lifting and getting better."

The Nebraska offer was far from expected for Richardson. The offer, the new coaches, the facility upgrades and the changes in the offense have Richardson thinking about Nebraska.

"The offer from Nebraska surprised me. They're from the Big 12 and that was important. To that point I really only had offers from Big 10 teams. It spiked my interest quite a bit."

"The changes (at Nebraska) make me excited. I have seen Callahan when he was with the Raiders. They did a lot more passing. I really like to pass block."

It's no doubt that this year that Richardson will be a hot commodity to some of the nation's best teams as they duke it out for his services!

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