Huskers finish up 4-day run - Spring Practice

For the fourth day in a row, the Huskers took the field for Spring practice. The day before a much needed day off was one in the same with the others prior. More plays to learn, more plays to learn and still, more plays to learn. It's a process that coach Callahan talked about as he addressed the media yesterday.

Sunday will mean a lot for the Husker players and coaches. For the coaches, it's a chance to evaluate what they have learned, go over video and get ready for the next salvo of sessions.

For players, it's a chance to try and absorb what can only be called a colossal amount of information in a very short time. "It's a work in progress." Callahan stated of installing the new offense. "We are throwing a lot of things at them from a volume standpoint. A lot of plays coming in."

The first four days has been one of literally force-feeding the information to the offense in bunches, but Callahan stated that the next week of practices will give the players' bodies and minds a bit of a reprieve. "Next week we'll cut back so we can really focus on the execution of the system, but this week we try to get a lot of things in a lot of plays in, we worked on a lot of different areas and next week, we'll try to work back a little bit and hone up our execution and focus in on two areas and that would be short yardage and goal-line."

The infamous or in this case, notorious "Red Zone" was a plague to the Huskers most of last year. And, while this offense will certainly be different, the much needed efficiency down within twenty yards of the end zone is paramount. At this point, Callahan remains unsatisfied with how that particular area is progressing. "Today, we were a little frustrated down in the red zone." he said. "We had a segment where we tried to feature the quarterbacks a little bit more (and) feature the wide receivers, but we didn't have the execution that we needed so we'll go back to the drawing board next week and try to get that accomplished."

The accomplishments during a time like this can be measured in very brief, very short sentences. Not many are being lauded for overall achievement as the achievement itself might just be in comprehending what you are doing rather than executing it to a razor like perfection.

With that being said though, coach Callahan talked about the one unit that to him has stood out as the most impressive thus far. "The defensive line has really stood out." Callahan stated. "Those guys up front have really generated some push in the rush against us in pass protection and they are just more complete a position as I've seen."

Callahan did add that the other units on that side of the ball were also impressing in certain areas. "I look at our linebackers, we have guys that can come down hill, run and hit and of course, our secondary is very well versed and very athletic." Callahan stated.

Nebraska will have a day off tomorrow before resuming practices again on Monday and will practice every other day until their first scrimmage which will be on Saturday.


Richie Incognito suffered what is being reported as a shoulder sprain. Coach Callahan said that any determination as to whether it was a sprain, a stinger or something else couldn't be determined until Incognito could be looked at closer tomorrow.

Nebraska hosted "Junior Day" yesterday, coach Callahan reporting that apprx. 70 recruits were in from in and out of state to see the campus, view the practice and talk with coaches about the program in general. "We are going to have an opportunity to sit down and visit with the parents, the family and really give them exposure to the University of Nebraska, our coaching staff, our system of football and everything we are offering here."

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